10 Christians arrested in Iran

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Iran Underground ChurchcpIran, February 14, 2012: The situation in Iran is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians in Iran. According to Iranian Christian News, plain clothes security authorities raided a house church and arrested 10 members who were gathered for prayer service last week. All 10 believers were taken into custody, but nobody knows where.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit is beaming Christian television programming via satellite into Iran. He says it’s needed more now than ever. “Many times the believers are not able to get together; it’s too dangerous. So, many of the believers–because of what’s happening with arrests and various things–have started basically getting their [spiritual] food from the television.”

Tippit’s program airs today in Iran. He says it’s critically import because many of these people are new Christians. “They don’t have a lot of knowledge of Scripture, so they really need some guidance at this point in time. And we’re trying to help them with that.”

Tippit is helping, despite being declared an enemy of the state. “Because of our broadcasts, an article came out stating that I was an enemy of the state, which means I can’t get in. But I can get in digitally.”

That’s about the only way to get training to these new believers, says Tippit. “Many of them are suffering. They’re being arrested. They’re being rounded up. As the political tensions escalate, spiritual tensions are escalating at the same time, and we need to be praying for the believers.”

While Christians are facing more persecution, Tippit says that’s actually helping the church. “That produces spiritual growth as well, and so there’s somewhat of a deepening as well as a broadening. I would say probably the broadening of the church isn’t quite so rampant, but the deepening is much more rampant.”

While funding is always needed for the broadcasts, Tippit is asking for prayer. “We need prayer for wisdom. We need prayer for the broadcasts going in, and that believers would have grace, strength and wisdom to do the will of God.”

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