Long-running Bible-based Kannada Teleserial – Rabbi

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RabbiKarnataka, January 30, 2012: The first episode of the first ever long-running Bible-based  Kannada Teleserial “RABBI”,  will air on DDI – Chandana – on 4th February 2012 between 7.30 and 8 pm. It is slated to run on Saturdays and Sunday evenings on primetime.  Produced by Mytri Creations, a Christian media ministry, it weaves the Biblical values and the gospel into a story involving three generations of an Indian family, who are Christians.

The serial was dedicated at a small function held at the Palana Bhavan, Archbishop’s House, Bangalore, on 25th January which was attended by dignitaries including the Chief Guest, Dr. Oscar Fernandes, Rajya Sabha member; Fr. Jayanathan, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Bangalore; Dr. Mani Chacko, General Secretary of the Bible Society of India;Dr. Atul Aghamkar, Chairman, Evangelical Fellowship of India and Head, Department of Missiology in the Southern Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies; Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Deputy Director of the Doordarshan Kendra, Bangalore. Cynthia Stephen, Independent researcher, writer and activist, welcomed the gathering. The students of Miriam Nivas School presented a beautiful invocation dance on the occasion. Fr. Jayanathan gave a keynote address, and Dr. Oscar Fernandes also shared his joy at the initiative. Dr. Mani Chacko and DR. Atul Aghamkar also spoke on the occassion.


At the Dedication: Dr. Oscar Fernandes address the gathering. L to Rt: Mr Colin Timms, Dr. Atul Aghamkar, Mrs. Aghamkar, Mrs. Blossom Fernandes, Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Dr. Mani Chacko and Fr. Jayanathan.

All the guests congratulated the Mytri Creations team headed by the producer-director, Mr Edward Shamprasad, and spoke words of commendation and greeting. Mr. Colin Timms, Founder – Director of Guardian Bank, was also present.  Mr. Shamprasad proposed a vote of thanks.  The Bible Society of India are one of the sponsors of the teleserial. Mytri Creations invites Christian business persons and other individuals to partner them in this work, through purchasing advertising which will be telecast, as well as through prayers and diligent giveng to this important media mission, which will take the gospel not only to the Christians but to countless other viewers in the state and beyond..   

– cynthia stephen

25 Christian phrases

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Beautiful Christian Phrases

1. Give God what’s right… not what’s left.

2. Man’s way leads to hopeless end… God’s way leads to an endless hope.

3. A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.

4. He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

5. In the sentence of life, the devil may be a comma, but never let him be the period.

25 Beautiful Christian Phrases

6. Don’t put a question mark where God puts a period.

7. Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to the church for a face-lift.

8. When praying, don’t give God instructions… just report for duty.

9. Don’t wait for six strong men to take you to Church.

10. We don’t change God’s message… His message changes us.

25 Beautiful Christian Phrases

11. The Church is prayer-conditioned.

12. When God ordains, He sustains.

13. Warning: Exposure to the Son may prevent burning.

14. Plan ahead… It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

15. Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory position.

25 Beautiful Christian Phrases

16. Suffering from truth decay? Brush up on your Bible.

17. Exercise daily… walk with the Lord.

18. Never give the devil a ride… he will always want to ride.

19. Nothing else ruins the Truth like stretching it.

20. Compassion is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.

25 Beautiful Christian Phrases

21. He who angers you controls you.

22. Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop.

23. Give Satan an inch and he’ll be a ruler.

24. Be ye fishers of men… You catch them and He’ll clean them.

25. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

25 Beautiful Christian Phrases

-fwd: samuel machado

Atheists launch mob attacks against Christian films

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Suing the Devil SceneUnited Kingdom, January 26, 2012: Atheist groups are attacking Suing the Devil, the highly acclaimed Christian movie. In fact, one of the atheist groups emailed the producers warning of a “mob attack” on IMDb—and it seems they followed through.

Within three days, the film’s rating dropped from a near seven to a four on IMDb (Internet Movie Database), which is the largest film site on the Internet.

Anti-Christian comments such as “Christian propaganda,” “Christian-brainwashing,” “Christian idiots,” and “Eliminate Christians” permeated through the film’s message boards.

“It was a direct attack on all believers. There were over 400 people who voted a ‘1’ overnight despite the film not coming out,” a spokesman for RiverRain Productions said. “We’ve let IMDb know about this attack, but they’ve done nothing. Other Christian films, like Courageous and Facing the Giants, have also suffered these attacks—it’s a way of smearing and discrediting these films.”

The director and producers of Suing the Devil are urging an attitude of forgiveness: “We have to show them love,” says Tim Chey, the film’s director. “Jesus said if they hate me, they’ll hate you.”

Suing the Devil was mentioned in the Los Angeles Times over the weekend because the film has had 100,000 illegal downloads on 50 illegal sites. “It’s one of the most heavily downloaded indie movies ever, which is a compliment actually,” Chey says. “And I’m glad it spread the Word to so many.”

Suing the Devil opened in select theaters nationwide on August 26. It had the second highest-grossing average of any independent film in the nation and was the number one Christian movie in America in August.

Suing the Devil stars Malcolm McDowell, Rebecca St. James, Corbin Bernsen, Shannen Fields (Facing the Giants), Tom Sizemore, Ros Gentle, and Bart Bronson. Hillsong also participated in the movie shot in Sydney, Australia.

In the film, Luke O’Brien, a washed-up janitor turned night law student, decides to sue Satan (Malcolm McDowell) for $8 trillion dollars. On the last day before Luke files a default judgment, Satan appears to defend himself. On Satan’s legal team are 10 of the country’s best trial lawyers. The entire world watches Legal TV to see who will win the Trial of the Century.

– charisma news

Pak Christian subject of police threats *Lahore Catholics go to court against the “blasphemous” demolition

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Agenti PoliziaPakistan, January 30, 2012: Waseem Shakir sued a group of police officers, because they have insulted the Christian faith with insulting phrases. The police turned the matter around and denounced the man with false accusations. Priest in Muzaffargarh: abuse of police power affects the most vulnerable and marginalized.

Waseem Shakir, human rights activist and coordinator of the district PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz) in Kot Addu Muzaffargarh district, Punjab province, has reported receiving threats by police officers. Previously he had filed complaints against elements of the police, for having insulted the Christian religion in disparaging and outrageous remarks. For having filed the lawsuit, now fears possible reprisals and become the victim of an ambush.

According to local sources, deputy-Inspector Riaz tried to contact Waseem’s brother, Faheem Masih, and asked him to “convince” his brother to withdraw the complaint. Otherwise, he warned, he will have to “deal” with the police.

A group of officers had in fact contacted Waseem Shakir, threatening he would meet the same end of “other activists” who were “gagged”. He is under pressure on several fronts, to withdraw the complaint, in which he denounced the police practice of “making visits to communities in the area,” which affects the inhabitants and during which they use “disparaging” language against the Christian religion.

When the activist filed a complaint in response agents reversed positions and opened a file against him accusing him of having “attacked” the police and shot at them. The judge who has examined the dossier said he was surprised by the charges against Shakir: non of the officers, in fact, are damaged or injured by a firearm.

Speaking to AsiaNews Fr John Chand, a priest in Muzaffargarh, strongly condemns the latest episode of anti-Christian violence, involving members of the police force. “It’s a shame – he declares – that the police use inhumane tactics to intimidate activists.” For. Fr. John it is a “common practice” in Punjab, where the police abuse their power to the detriment of the marginalized and vulnerable groups of population, as was done “in the case of demolition of the Gosh-e-Aman in Lahore”

Lahore Catholics go to court against the “blasphemous” demolition


Akistan GoshPakistan, January 21, 2012: A woman has filed a complaint against the authorities, for demolition of “Gosha-e-Aman”. Among the crimes, the violation of the blasphemy law, for the destruction of copies of the Bible and a church. Archbishop Emeritus: The provincial government is “running out of funds” and is looking for “easy targets to fill the budget deficit.”

The Catholic community of Lahore is up in arms against the illegal demolition of the “Gosha-e-Aman”, a “place of peace” that welcomed Christians and Muslims, last January 10 by the provincial government of Punjab. One victim has decided to take the case to court by filing a written complaint against the Development Authority and other officials involved in the affair. Meanwhile, it appears that one of the police officers present during the demolition of the building (Malik Ahmed Raza Tahir), was in charge of security in Gojra in August 2009, when a Muslim mob attacked the local Christian minority, resulting in seven dead – burned alive – and the burning of several homes and properties.

Speaking to AsiaNews, the archbishop emeritus Mgr. Lawrence Saldanha condemned the demolition decided by the authorities, the prelate emphasizes that we are in the presence of “ancient institution, worthy of respect,” owned “by the Church in peace for 125 years” and used “for charitable purposes.”

The faithful have dubbed this past January 10 “Black Tuesday” and demand the restitution of property and compensation for damage, if not, they warn, protests will continue until the authorities meet their demands. The institute “Gosha-e-Aman”, founded in 1887, is surrounded by two acres of land, worth a total of billions of rupees. Inside there was a home for the elderly, a girls’ school, a convent and a chapel for prayer. The dispute relating to the possession of the building and surrounding area had long been the center of a lawsuit, it seems the demolition was triggered by a woman – converted to Islam – who in the past sought shelter in the center.

Catholic Christian leaders and government officials have expressed solidarity with the victims, in search of a makeshift shelter that can accommodate them in the coming weeks. In Lahore Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants and non-governmental organizations have strongly condemned the abuse by the local government. Zenobia Richards, 61, one of the victims of the demolition, has launched a lawsuit by filing a petition to the High Court, citing the authority for urban development, along with other officials. She worked 24 years for Caritas Pakistan and lived in “Gosha-e-Aman”. “It was a center of peace – she says – a lot of memories bind me to that place. That’s why I wanted to bring a case against those who demolished the building, which I call home. ”

During demolition operations, the workers also destroyed a statue of the Our Lady and several copies of the Bible: “I used to pray in this place,” adds Zenobia (pictured, on the rubble of the building) and that’s why “I intend to cite the crime of blasphemy “because they” desecrated a church and religious material in my house”.  “This is not just a piece of land – she adds – but the emotions, feelings, rights of minorities in Pakistan.” She says she is “not afraid” and points the finger at the Punjab Minister for Minorities: “I will fight for my rights, “she concludes, confirming today that she has filed an appeal in court.

Archbishop Saldanha, archbishop emeritus of Lahore, speaks of “clear violation of the rights of minorities.” The prelate told AsiaNews that the government “is short of funds” and is looking for “easy targets to fill the budget deficit.” He adds that Catholics can and should continue in the protest and “appeals to the international community: I myself have spoken to the Department for religious freedom in Canada.” The Archbishop hopes that international pressure “will have a positive impact and that the land mafia will fail in their criminal intent.”

– jibran khan, asianews

CSI has no right to Basel Mission trust properties: HC

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BaselKarnataka, January 28, 2012: In a judgment that will have far-reaching impact on the administration of church properties in Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu districts, the Karnataka High Court has declared that the Church of South India (CSI) and the CSI Trust Association have no right to manage the properties of the United Basel Mission Church in India (UBMC) – South Canara and Coorg.
Ruling that the CSI and its agencies/representatives were administering and managing about 1,500 properties of the UBMC in “breach of trust” and “without any legal right for the past about 40 years,” the High Court removed them from the control/trusteeship of these properties.
These properties include prominent church buildings, prayer halls, graveyards, schools, hospitals, theological seminary, hostels, homes for the poor, widows and sick, and residents for missionaries.
In its recent judgment, a Division Bench, comprising Justice N. Kumar and Justice A.N. Venugopala Gowda, also directed the CSI and its representatives to submit accounts of income and expenditure of these properties from the day they assumed the office of trustee of these properties, besides handing over the properties to the trustees to be appointed by the district court.
The Bench passed the verdict while allowing the pleas of Christopher Karkada and others (beneficiaries of the UBMC) claiming that these properties belong to the public, charitable and religious trust formed by the UBMC during pre-Independence, and transfer of absolute ownership of these properties to the CSI in the guise of merger of the UMBC with the CSI was illegal.
The Bench found that the UBMC had created the trust — UBMC Trust Association — in 1930s and transferred all properties to it. However, the UBMC in 1957 revoked the trust, and in 1972 the UBMC Trust Association itself was wound up. Meanwhile, the UBMC, in 1972, transferred the properties to the CSI Trust Association.

Public trust
While declaring the UBMC Trust Association as a “public trust,” the Bench held that the creator/author of a public trust had “no right to revoke the public trust” and hence the UBMC’s action of revoking the UBMC Trust Association was null and void ab initio. Consequently, the Bench said, transfer of properties by the UBMC to the CSI Trust Association in 1970s also had no recognition in law and hence these transactions were null and void. The Bench turned down the contention of the CSI that it was a private trust.
The Bench also pointed out that the CSI and its agencies had alienated some of these properties when an interim order of the court prohibiting such alienation was in force and hence such alienation too had no recognition in law.

Breach of trust

“The CSI/CSI Trust Association is not entitled for possession of these properties…. They got into possession through documents having no legal recognition…and acting as trustees of properties. Because of the assertion of title in respect of the properties and alienating the properties belonging to the UBMC Trust Association, it committed breach of trust,” the Bench held.

The High Court also directed the district court in Mangalore to form a scheme for the proper administration and management of properties of the UBMC by appointing nine trustees as the UBMC Trust Association is not in existence now.
Meanwhile, on a request by the CSI, the Bench gave 90 days’ time for implementation of the verdict to enable the CSI to file an appeal in the Supreme Court. However, during this period the CSI and its agencies cannot alienate any property.

– the hindu

NCCI condemns Gallantry Award to Ankit Garg by the State

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Soni SuriChhatishgarh, January 30, 2012: It is most shocking that Mr. Ankit Garg, the Superintendent of Police from Chhatishgarh State has been given the Gallantry Award during the 63rd Indian Republic Day Celebration. This award has been given for the anti-Naxal operations he has carried out. However this very person Mr. Ankit Garg has been named by Ms. Soni Sori (an Adivasi school teacher from Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh State) in several letters to the Supreme Court, for ordering and supervising her torture and being sexually violated on the night of October 8, 2011 when she was in his custody at the Dantewada police station, being accused of acting as a Maoist courier.

Police intimidation forced Ms. Soni Sori to flee, and she reached Delhi seeking legal assistance, but she was arrested in New Delhi in October 2011 before she could submit her application (read Tehelka, 15 October 2011, “The Inconvenient Truth of Soni Sori”). Fearing for her life in Chhattisgarh, she asked to be held in custody in Delhi, despite which she was handed over to the Chhattisgarh Police. After the matter reached the Supreme Court, Ankit Garg was transferred to the police headquarters in Raipur. Ms. Soni Sori had exposed evidence of police misconduct in the framing of several cases against her. In custody, Soni Sori was brutally tortured by the Chhattisgarh police, because of her refusal to corroborate their false statements. A subsequent independent medical examination found sizable stones lodged in her vagina and her rectum and severe damage to her spinal cord.

This Gallantry Award given to Ankit Garg angers citizens of India as the State has maintained a blind eye and deaf ear to the cry of Ms. Soni Sori for justice. At this juncture, the National Council of Churches in India, which represents more than 13 million Christians in India, also joins the citizens of India in condemning the insensitivity of the State by awarding the Gallantry Award to Ankit Garg, who is responsible for the unjust brutal torture meted out to Ms. Soni Sori by the State. The NCCI expresses her solidarity with all the victims and to all those who fight against State Repression in the Republic of India.

– dr. hranthan chhungi & ms. rachael pradhan

Gujarat: Vandalisation of cemetry – aiccc demands Modi’s resignation

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CementeryGujarat, January 31, 2012: The Gujarat chapter of the All India Christian Council has called for the resignation of Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi for failing to protect Christians in the state, even as a heritage cemetry was desecrated by so-called ‘vandal’, suspected to be Hindutva fanatics. “Law and order had collapsed in the state where even the dead and burial places are not safe in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat and Christians in Gujarat seem to be next after the Muslims here”, said Samson Christian, an All India Christian Council leader, who visited the scene. He also demanded the suspension of Sabarmati police station inspector, Mr. S.D. Patel who direlection and failure in discharging his constitutional duties, especially since this is a communally sensitive state.
The Christian burial ground in Sabarmati, for all denominations, dates back to the British era, which was partly razed by bulldozers, resulting in a number of graves, being vandalised, especially those situated close to D Cabin Road in the city. According to Martin Hector Harris of the Sion Methodist Church in Dharamnagar, ” the Railways gave us this burial ground, prior to 1947 and seven churches of Ahmedabad belonging  to the Methodist, Church of North India, Catholic and Pentecostal groups have been using it as a cemetery since then”. He added that minorities were not safe and felt insecure in Gujarat and such instances of disregard for minorities’ religious sentiments were ongoing issues, of which serious note must be taken immediately.
Samson Christian said that “the Christians had been taking care of the plot for decades and the final rites and prayer services have been conducted there. On Thursday (26 January, 2012), at around 7 pm, some men came here with a bulldozer and several trucks. They flattened the graves under the pretext of cleaning the area”. He vehemently condemned the incident pointing out that the responsibility lay with the local right-wing BJP councillor (elected representative) Mrs. Chanchalben Parmar and her husband, besides officials, who’s moral duty it was to ensure protection for all believers and places of worship.
Martin Harris, who with a large number of Christians, were alerted by the locals and rushed to the spot said “When we reached the spot, we found that the flattened area was already being used as parking space for their vehicles, those attending a function nearby” He said that it seems the miscreants had piled mud from the cemetery on the footpath nearby and also dumped concrete blocks from the broken tombstones on a plot behind the burial ground.
The All India Christian Council’s Sabarmati ward president Vasant Christian (69) filed a complaint with the local Sabarmati police, blaming ‘anti-social  elements’ of bulldozing and ransacking the burial ground and hurting Christian religious sentiments. He suspected that the culprits were Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) workers. However, the Assistant Health Officer Bharat Borad said, “We do not clean up religious places, burial grounds or private plots. I am not aware of any such operation by the AMC. This definitely a private job”.
Due to the inaction by the Sabarmati police sation, Vasant Christian was compelled to file a fresh police complaint today (31 January, 2012) at the same police station, under section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code and send copied to higher police officials in the state for immediate results. Sabarmati Inspector S. D. Patel said, “We have filed a complaint and taken photographs of the spot. We are taking down statements of locals.” The fact is that many days after the incident, none of the culprits are even identified, let aside arrested.
In view of the seriousness of the crime and to make a public display that Christian religious sentiments are being hurt, with the authorities taking no action, the All India Christian Council has organized a huge Dharna (demonstration) in front of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Central Office at Khamash (Danapidh) Ahmedabad on 1 February 2012 during 3.00 to 5.00 pm, which will be attended by Christians of all denominations.

– aicc

Karnataka CM promises to dole more funds for Christians

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FKCAKarnataka, January 29, 2012: The CSF calls for Respecting the Christians of Karnataka & giving them religious freedom, rather than “bheek” said Joseph Dias, general secretary reacting to the following press report. “Rs. 50 crores or Rs.150 crores cannot purchase the loyalty of Christians, who expend more than this on their social services in the state of Karnataka alone. Don’t try to bribe Christians or buy Christian NGOs and appoint Christians of credibility to Karnataka’s minority forums. Don’t create a divide between Catholics or Christians, as we are all one in Jesus Christ” he added. Please find below a report on the programme:

Promising to ensure that the allocation of Rs 50 crore this year for the newly formed Christian Development Council (CDC), the first of its kind body set up in Karnataka, within the remaining two months of the current financial year, Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda on Sunday assured that higher allocation would be made in the annual budget for the year 2012-13.

Addressing the largely attended annual Federation Day programme of the Federation of Konkani Catholic Christians (FKCA), the Chief Minister said though the formation of the Council, announced in the budget for 2011-12, was delayed, allocations of nearly Rs 35 crore had just been completed and the funds would be released for different purposes like education, churches and other social service organisations within this month itself. The balance amount would be spent within the next two months of the current financial year, he said.

The Chief Minister, who responded to the appeal made by Ronald Colaco, Chairman of the International Federation of Karnataka Christian Associations (IFKCA), for appointing a member of the minority of the Christian Community, preferably belonging to the Catholics as they formed roughly 75 per cent of the Christian population in the State, instead of having it under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister, said the decision was taken to ensure that the Christian Development Council functioned in the right direction in the initial stages.

”I assure you that eventually a suitable representative of the Christian community would be made the chairman. The government wants to ensure that the money is utilised properly,” he said the 13 representatives for serving as members were chosen from among the community itself. He also explained that the government was keen to ensure that all the budgetary schemes and allocations were utilised properly. Nearly 70 per cent of the budgetary allocations have been spent and steps would be taken to ensure that the balance amount is spent within the next two months, he said.

Bishop of Bellary Diocese Most Rev Dr Henry D’Souza presided over the function due to the inability of the Bangalore Archbishop Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras to attend on account of indisposition.

Catholic be Made Chairman of CDC: Colaco

Earlier, Ronald Colaco warmly complimented the Chief Minister for the government for its gesture of setting up the Christian Development Council and also thanked him for responding the demands of IFKCA and other leaders of the community for withdrawing the cases against the innocent youth in the cases pertaining to the attacks against churches in Mangalore and other places in 2008.

”You have given us the bullocks and also the cart. But the rein that can ensure the bullocks pull the cart are with you. Please give them to a person from the community. We will ensure that the money is properly utilised,” he said pointing out that no other government has done so much for the Christians as the present government despite the community’s contribution and service in the fields of education, health care and social service.

Pointing out that the intimations to the courts regarding the State Cabinet’s decision on withdrawal of cases has already reached, according to information available to him, Colaco applauded Gowda for the Government’s prompt action as normally it required at least six months. However, he brought to the notice of the Chief Minister that two cases pertaining to the church attacks against 22 Christian youth in Ullal and Bantwal had been inadvertently left out and demanded that immediate steps be taken for withdrawal of these two cases. The relevant papers pertaining to the two cases were also presented to the Chief Minister.

He also urged the Chief Minister to increase the fund for Christian development to Rs 150 crore in the next budget, to which Sadananda Gowda instantly assured that it would be done.

”Fulfill BSY’s Promise on 2 acre land for FKCA”

Ronald Colaco also urged the Chief Minister to ensure that his predecessor B S Yeddyurappa’s promise of granting 2 acres of land to FKCA when he attended the FKCA Day two years back was implemented immediately by giving appropriate directions to the BDA or the Bangalore Urban Deputy Commissioner to allot the land.

The Chief Minister, who later conferred the three prestigious FKCA awards for the year to eminent Konkani cultural activist and co-founder of Mandd Sobhann and Kalaangan Eric Alexander Ozario (Life-Time Achievement), leading Kannada writer and Central Sahitya Academy Bal Puraskaar awardee Na (Norbert) D’Souza (Professional Excellence) and leading builder and Managing Director of Lancy Constructions Lancy Mascarenhas (Entrepreneur of the Year), impressed the largely attended crowd by arriving on time and beginning his speech with the opening remarks in Konkani: ”Tumkaam Sakdaamk Mhaje Namaskaar” (My Greetings to All of You). He also spoke a few sentences in Tulu. He also underscored the need for respecting all religions and serving fellow human beings.

CM too says, ‘Love Thy Neighbour’

”If everybody followed the single-most important teaching of Jesus Christ to love thy neighbour, the country and the world will be a much better place to live. There will not be any differences of caste, religion or colour,” he said.

”Language is an important tool that brings all people together. While Tulu and Konkani speaking people bond together when they hear their languages in the coastal region, Kannada brings people of Karnataka nearer in the national capital of Delhi while Hindi brings all Indians together in foreign countries. The mother tongues brings people of different region together and serves as a forum for unity and cultural bonding,” he said pointing out ”Unity in Diversity” is India’s greatest strength in spite the differences of culture, languages, ethnicity and regions.

Gowda complimented Na D’Souza for his contribution to Kannada literature and environmental concerns while Eric Ozario had enriched the Konkani language and culture through music and singing and Lancy Mascarenhas had made all Konkani speaking people proud with his accomplishments as a renowned builder.

Bishop Henry D’Souza appreciated the gesture of the FKCA in honouring the eminent personalities of the community for their service to society, the language and culture and the state. The differences of language, religion, culture or castes should not be allowed to become barriers and whatever artificial barriers that divide mankind must be broken and demolished through the self-less service like the contribution of Ronald Colaco and the persons like the awardees, he said pointing out that humanity will be able to attain its quest for divinity when all human beings learn to truly love their fellow human beings, especially the less fortunate sections.

”We need to dream big and strive to fulfill these dreams. We need to have high values and utilise our knowledge and skills for the well-being of society,” he said adding: ”Yesterday is like a waste paper, today is like the newspaper and tomorrow will be a question paper while life is an answer paper before God. It is how we answer that is most important.”…

The FKCA Day function was preceded by a solemn mass concelebrated with the Bellary Bishop Most Rev Dr Henry D’Souza as the main celebrant. IFKCA Chairman Ronald Colaco, the Bellary Bishop and FKCA Chairman Valerian Fernandes honoured the Chief Minister by presenting a shawl and a memento.

FKCA Secretary Robert Cutinha presented the annual report of the Federation. Ms Ida D’Cunha introduced the Chief Minister, while Lionel D’Souza, who ably compered the entire programme, also introduced Ronald Colaco and Bishop Henry D’Souza. The three eminent awardees were introduced by Alwyn Mendonca (Lancy Mascarenhas), Edward D’Souza (Eric Ozario) and Anita D’Souza (Na D’Souza). Naveen D’Souza proposed a vote of thanks.

– daijiworld

Don’t jump to conclusions *God qualifies whom He calls

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Husband wife love
Wife comes home late at night and quietly opens the door to her bedroom.
From under the blanket she sees four legs instead of two! She reaches for a
baseball bat and starts hitting the blanket as hard as she can. 
 Once she’s done, she goes to the kitchen to have a drink. As she enters, she sees her
husband there, reading a magazine. : “hi darling”, he says, “your parents have come to 
 visit us, so I let them stay in our bedroom. Hope you have said hello to them”.


Man reading the Bible


Jacob  was  a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran away from God ,Paul was a murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was gossiper,  Martha was a nerve wreck, Thomas was a doubter,  Sarah was impatient, Elijah was depressed, Moses stuttered, Zaccheus  was short, Abraham was old  and  Lazarus was dead.
God does not call the qualified, He  qualifies the called.

– fwd: a n dass

Ugandan pastor attacked by Muslims heals in Israel

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Ugandan pastor attacked by Muslims heals in IsraelUganda, January 28, 2012: “I am teaching my people about Israel, along with encouraging them to visit the country.”

It is last Christmas Eve. Pastor Umar Mulinde leaves a service at his thriving congregation, the 1,000-member Gospel Life Church International in the Ugandan capital of Kampala. He’s anxious to get home to his wife and six children. As he unlocks his car, an unknown man approaches and calls out, “Pastor! Pastor!” As Mulinde turns, a burning acid splashes across his face, and the shouts turn to “Allahu akbar!” (Allah is greater!) The assailant flees.

Some church workers rush Mulinde to the local hospital, where they treat his severe wounds the best they can. A few days later, he is flown to India, and then on January 5 he arrives at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, to be cared for by one of the world’s foremost hospitals for burn victims.

The Christian Edition visited Mulinde in his hospital room a few days later, to find out more about his condition and why he was attacked. It appears he was targeted by local Muslim extremists because he had converted from Islam, became a minister of the Gospel, and started teaching love for Israel.

The top-notch doctors at Sheba have determined that Mulinde will require a series of skin repair operations over several weeks, as well as an operation on his badly damaged right eye. They are treating him as an Israeli victim of terror, which covers his medical procedures. They hope to save his sight in the right eye and restore his appearance as best as possible. Mulinde could not ask for better care.

“I was born into a large Muslim family. I am the 52nd child of my father, who had several wives and ran two mosques,” Mulinde began. “I grew up studying Islam, but at age 18 I met some Christians who opened my eyes to the Christian faith. I soon converted.”

Mulinde explained that as a Muslim, he and his friends were taught to hate Israel and the Jews, even though they could not find Israel on a map. Even as a young Christian convert, he was hesitant about loving Israel. But as he studied the Bible, he read much about the wonderful God of Israel.

“I decided if I was going to love this God, I also had to love His people. I began teaching myself and realized the importance of supporting Israel. One key source for my Israel studies was Jerusalem Online University, based on the Web.”

Today, Mulinde’s ministry is regularly organizing pro-Israel rallies and conferences in Uganda. One such event recently drew 5,000 people to the Nakivubo football stadium in Kampala.

“I am teaching my people about Israel, along with encouraging them to visit the country. Many have developed a strong interest in Israel,” he assured.

Muslims make up only 12 percent of the Ugandan population, but they recently pushed for adopting Shari’a law in the parliament. Mulinde helped lobby against it, saying he believes in coexistence, but “wherever there is strict Shari’a rule, there is hatred of Israel and persecution of Christians.”

On the day he was attacked, Mulinde had preached at a crusade where more than 300 people came to faith in Jesus, including many Muslims. And on Monday after the attack, he was going to show a film about how the tiny nation of Israel has assisted many nations.

Since the assault, Mulinde and his wife, Evelyn, have received prayers and support from all over the world.

But he is especially grateful to the Jerusalem Online University and its director, Andrea Gottlieb, along with Illan Sharon, a Jewish acquaintance from Minnesota, who made it possible for him to come for treatments in Israel. He also is glowing about the doctors and nurses at the Sheba Medical Center.

“When you are sick, and full of wounds and pain, I believe that relationships with people also contribute to your healing. The way I am able to talk to these people here is a healing medicine for the heart. I really feel at home.”

Mulinde is already amped to return to Uganda, as soon as the doctors allow, and resume his work for the Kingdom of God and for Israel. Meanwhile, back in Uganda, the search for Mulinde’s attackers is in the national headlines every day.

– jerusalem post

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