Ashfaq Fateh: death of Pak’s “model of activism”

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Ashfaq FatehPakistan, April 27, 2013: A model of Christian activism, like the late great Anthony Mathew and Clement Shahbaz Bhatti, people who died (too) early, but who have left their mark on the map of Pakistan and pointed to a way forward. So says Atif Jamil Pagaan, social worker and director of Harmony Foundation, remembering the Pakistani Catholic activist Ashfaq Fateh, who died recently after a brief illness at the age of 41. The funeral took place on April 20 in city district of Toba Tek Singh, Punjab province, in front of a huge crowd made up of Christians and Muslims, from all classes and backgrounds.

His death has caused deep sorrow and participation throughout the community, which has come together in prayer to bid a final farewell to a person who was at the forefront in the struggle for the development of the Christian minority and its presence within the civil society. Many tributes were paid to his wife Salome, whom he married in 1997 and with whom he had made several trips (one of them to India), one of his many passions. In recent weeks, the doctors tried in every way to remove a liver tumor, but the disease was already in an advanced stage.

However, his witness of life and faith remains. Ashfaq Fateh was passionate about media and communication, a lover of travel with a deep desire to learn languages ​​- especially English – and improve his own cultural level (and not only). He was also very close to Fr. Bonnie Mendes, former Regional Coordinator for Caritas and active in social work, who guided him over the years in his spiritual formation and education. In fact, it is thanks to the priest that he drew close to the world of the media – especially television and news – and the study of English.

As a young man, Ashfaq represented Pakistan in a meeting between Catholics from around the world which was held in Caracas, Venezuela, thanks to visa obtained through the Iranian Embassy. A document that allowed him to visit Tehran, where he met with Dominican priests in the Islamic Republic. His memory is linked to environmental activism, the desire to strengthen inter-religious dialogue and his witness of Christian and Catholic life, which he never gave up. In his career he also directed and guided the Ravi Foundation, a nongovernmental organization that deals with the most needy and served as teacher and principal of St. Peter High School.

– asianews

Caritas: End violence to develop families & nation

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Chetanalaya, a diocesan NGO linked to Caritas, is launching a campaign against the abuse of women and children, not forgetting the many men and boys who are victims of similar attacks. The Director: “Violence is a critical problem, it is essential enhance women.” The work of thousands of women in the slums of New Delhi who have started small businesses, literacy courses and micro-credit banks.

Caritas DelhiNew Delhi, April 26, 2013: In order to develop and support the family, society and India must stop all forms of violence against women and children, as well as men and boys. This according to Fr. Augustine Savari Raj, director of Chetanalaya, an NGO in the Archdiocese of New Delhi linked to Caritas, which yesterday launched “Stop Rape”, a campaign against violence on women and children. Speaking to AsiaNews, he says the initiative comes at a very sensitive moment for India, where cases of rapes and sexual assaults occupy the front pages of all the newspapers and are the focus of heated debate on the status of women in society.

“The continued abuses against women and children – says the priest – are a critical issue for India, as well as the violence of which men and boys are victims. All this must be stopped.”

The launch coincided with the day dedicated to the thousands of women who, with the help of Chetanalaya, run support groups in the slums and resettlement colonies in which they live. Born in the ’80s, but registered as a society of social service only in 1994, in recent years the diocesan NGO has trained nearly 1,200 women, who in turn have started small banks, microcredits, built houses and directed programs in literacy, which have benefited at least 20 thousand women. Thanks to these initiatives, a further 6 thousand women have opened small businesses, and 600 families were able to build a home.

“On this day – explains Fr. Savari Raj – we celebrate the joy and satisfaction of enhancing women. Chetanalaya builds leaders aware of their rights, their possibilities, with services available in every village, and who know how to deal with and find remedies for problems. This is how we can transform ourselves and the environment surrounding us. “

In launching the campaign “Stop Rape” at the Talkathora Stadium in New Delhi, the priest urged the thousands of women to study the laws that protect their rights and explain them to their community, friends and family. “I share the vision of APJ Abdul Kalam, 11th President of India – explains the director of Chetanalaya – when he said that ‘it is essential to enhance the role of women because their value system leads to the development of a good family, a good society and a good nation ‘. “

– asianews

Sadhus for Modi as NDA’s PM candidate

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Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi with Baba Ramdev and other sadhus in Haridwar.

Sadhus want Narendra Modi declared NDA’s PM candidateApril 27, 2013: Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi chose an important Hindu gathering to assert that his description as a Hindu leader is misleading.

“If someone says I represent Hindus alone, it would be unfair. I am a leader of the masses and strongly believe in serving all communities equally and fairly,” Modi said at the inauguration of Ramdev’s new school, Acharya Kulam on Friday.

This display of secular intent comes at a time when his name for NDA’s prime ministerial candidature has run into trouble with allies like JD(U) that say Modi lacks secular credentials.

That Modi chose a gathering of sadhus, many of whom are close to the Hindutva ideology, may have looked a bit ironical. But many sadhus stuck to their description of Modi as the custodian of Hindu faith.

For the Gujarat CM, who is expected to campaign in Karnataka by addressing a public meeting in Bangalore on Sunday, the endorsement will help him against the resistance he faces from some members of the BJP parliamentary board, as also a section of VHP owing allegiance to Modi’s known opponent, Praveen Togadia. His approval by prominent sadhus and gurus will help strengthen the momentum for Modi, strengthening other VHP stalwarts like Ashok Singhal who are seen as favourably disposed towards him.

Ram Dev and other prominent spiritual leaders like Swami Chidanand Muni, Murari Bapu, Ramesh Ojha Hari Ketananand, Swami Krishan Muni Maharaj, Swami Parmatanand ji Maharaj, held a half-an-hour closed door meeting. Ramdev and his aide Balkrishan presented a letter of appreciation, a Prashansa Patra to Modi for his role as most capable CM of Gujarat.

Several preachers including two from Gujarat, Murari Bapu and Parmatmanandji Maharaj, said Modi should be declared NDA’s candidate for prime ministership. Ramdev, who in the past has often spoken in favour of Modi, too, gave the campaign a fillip, praising him as an able administrator. Only a few weeks ago in Indore, Ramdev had said crores of Indians are pinning their hopes on Modi, and described the Gujarat CM as a symbol of development and good governance, asking people to support him.

“Modi is a symbol of development and good governance and people have a lot of expectations from him. He is a good leader and the people should support such a leader,” Ramdev had said.

Modi returned the compliment saying the country was built by its spiritual tradition and its saints and religious leaders, and not by any politician. “I want to announce from this stage that not a single religious leader has ever asked for anything from me. Today I am happy that in Haridwar I have received the honour to meet saints,” Modi said.

Earlier, Congress workers greeted Modi with black flags, but an undeterred Modi, addressing a gathering of at least 10,000 people, said the objective of his visit to Patanjali Yogpeeth was not to seek spiritual gurus’ blessings or acquire any seat of power, but ensure that he does not do anything wrong and continues to serve all sections of societies irrespective of their creed, caste and community. “I am sure, these seers’ blessings will help me correct myself as like others I may also have certain shortcomings,” Modi said.

Defending yoga guru Ramdev in his campaign against black money and rampant corruption, Modi said whatever actions Ramdev initiates would help. He then attacked the UPA government for harassing Ramdev by ordering raids on his herbal medicine plants with the aim of hurting his image. “Is this the job of the Central government?” Modi asked. “What will you get out of torturing a spiritual figure like Ramdev, whose motto is to serve society selflessly,” Modi said.

– times of india

UPA better placed than NDA vis-a-vis allies

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UPA better placed than NDA vis-a-vis alliesApril 27, 2013: It isn’t only the Congress’s myriad problems that raise questions about the government lasting till 2014. What is no less worrisome for the voters is that the ruling party’s opponents are in an equally sorry state.

What this means is that the post-poll scenario, whether it is later this year or early in the next, will be marked by considerable political instability. In fact, this is the only prospect which appears absolutely certain.

It is this belief that neither the Congress nor the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be able to provide a stable government, which has made the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav call on his Tamil Nadu counterpart, Jayalalithaa, in search of forming a third alternative, about which his father, Mulayam Singh Yadav, has talked for quite some time.

Prakash Karat of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), too, has spoken in favour of such an arrangement. He was, of course, the driving force behind a similar endeavour in 2009 under the Bahujan Samaj Party’s Mayawati, which collapsed in a heap when the Congress crossed the 200-seat mark in the 543-member Lok Sabha.

This time, however, Karat will be more hopeful because there isn’t the faintest chance of the Congress approaching any such figure. All that the Congress will probably hope for is to get a few seats more than the BJP so that it will be in a slightly advantageous position when renegotiating its terms with its present-day allies in the United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

But, even if the two main formations – the UPA and the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) – win, say, 300-odd seats between them, there will still be a huge chunk of 240 seats with the regional parties. It is this large group which has fuelled the prime ministerial ambitions of Mulayam Singh Yadav and stoked the longstanding Third Front dreams of Karat.

But the problem with such a group is its disparate nature. It isn’t only that the bases of its regional leaders are limited to their respective states – Mulayam Singh’s to UP, Jayalalitha’s to Tamil Nadu – their preoccupations are quite different.

For example, UP isn’t bothered in the least with what is Tamil Nadu’s overriding concern at the moment – the issue of a Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, which has made Jayalalithaa’s government vow to keep the Sri Lankan players out of the Indian Premier League cricket matches in Chennai.

Apart from such local matters, which are of prime importance to the regional leaders, nearly all of them are known to harbour oversized egos. The reason is that they virtually run single-person parties with dictatorial powers. For each of them to be accommodative towards the others will be hugely difficult, especially when it comes to the prime minister’s post. It will be safe to predict, therefore, that the proposed third front will either be a non-starter or that it will fall before being set up.

The next certainty, therefore, about the post-poll scene – apart from the chaotic political conditions – is the tug-of-war between the UPA and the NDA about their constituents. In this respect, the former is in a slightly better position because it is a larger conglomerate comprising nearly a dozen parties compared to the NDA’s four.

The UPA’s other advantage is that its present as well as former partners like the Trinamool Congress are wary of moving too close to the BJP lest they acquire the ‘communal’ tag and get alienated from Muslims. This taint will persuade the NDA’s former members like the Biju Janata Dal to tread cautiously in the post-poll arena. As is known, it is this smear which has made Nitish Kumar target Narendra Modi.

The BJP’s difficulty is that if it bows to the Bihar chief minister’s dictates, it may be able to prevent the NDA’s disintegration, but it will lose face. What is more, if it is compelled to project someone else as the prime ministerial candidate – whether L.K. Advani, who, as Sushma Swaraj says, can be the PM nominee, or Sushma Swaraj herself – the saffron camp’s core group of supporters, the communal-minded Hindus, whose virulent presence on the internet is a new feature of Indian politics, will be greatly disheartened.

Therefore, between a listless NDA and a scam-tainted UPA, whose first party, the Congress, is hobbled by two centres of power – Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and party president Sonia Gandhi – the electorate will be hard put to make a choice.

Nor will the options of the voters be improved by the presence of a medley of regional leaders whose visions are limited to their own states.

– ians

Trang Bom: Vietnamese authorities against priests and bishop united to the end single party rule

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People’s Committee launches smear campaigns and threats against diocesan clergy. They are charged with having promoted prelates’ reflections on the draft reform of Constitution. Frontal attack against bishops and priests, for fear that desire for change is growing among population.

Vietnamese authorities against priests and bishopVietnam, April 27, 2013: Authorities in Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province, in the south-east of Vietnam, have launched a harsh campaign against 28 priests of the Diocese of Xuan Loc They are being targeted by the People’s Committee, on charges of giving prominence to the bishop’s campaign in support of the reform of the 1992 Constitution for multiparty rule. The letter sent by the leaders of the local administration is just the latest episode in a long battle that sees the government pitted against the Catholic prelates, deployed in support of the people in the defense of basic rights. In recent weeks, Hanoi also intervened with a stern warning to the Episcopal Conference, under central government scrutiny for supporting the reform proposals “of the wrong content,” dictated by an “opportunistic” and “hostile” logic.

At the request of Msgr. Dominique Nguyen Chu Trinh, the priests of the district of Trang Bom have organized a campaign to explain and publicize the prelates’ open letter in support of the constitutional reform. It includes reforms aimed at radical change of Vietnamese policy and institutions in multiparty key.

In an attempt to prevent the initiative spreading further and to defend the current state apparatus, the district authorities have attacked the bishop and priests head on, distorting the facts and information provided by the episcopate. The smear campaign by the authorities speaks of public sermons, homilies, leaflets and billboards promoted by priests to spread the project of the prelates to undermine the foundations of Vietnam. Some even “invoked applause” within the churches, branded as “incorrect” behavior and contrary to norms.

The People’s Committee of Trang Bom points the finger at the clergy, accused of “deviating from its role of shepherd” and of “overstepping the limits of mere consultation of the popular will,” to create a real political campaign. Reiterating its “severe criticism” of the Catholic leadership, the authorities finally ask they withdraw all copies of the reflection elaborated by the bishops from circulation and halt its spread “in any form”.

However, ecclesiastical sources add, “they avoid expressing an opinion” the document, confirming the validity of the reflections and insights it provides.

Backed by Catholic bishops, intellectuals and activists, the petition calls for a reform of the National Constitution of 1992, putting an end to the hegemony of a single communist party. The text signed and commented on by thousands of citizens was delivered on 2 February to the Vice-President of the Commission for constitutional reforms. Leading the “reformist” delegation – made up of 15 of the 72 first signatories of the text – the former Minister of Justice Nguyen Dinh Loc. At the same time, the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Conference of Vietnam has promoted a reflection (click here to read the document ) in which it reaffirmed that “sovereignty belongs to the people.”

– asianews

World’s 2nd richest man… interesting

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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Warren Buffett Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Warren Buffett Warren Buffett Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett
















Warren Buffett

Pastor tells of how he overcame porn addiction

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‘Hiding sin never provides us with the power to overcome it’

A Happy CoupleUnited States, April 26, 2013: Three years into our marriage, my wife, Trisha, woke up in the middle of the night and realized I wasn’t in bed. She walked out into the living room and as soon as she looked at the TV, I quickly changed the channel.

She began to question me about what I was watching, why I wasn’t in bed, and why I would immediately change the channel. Then came the repeated question: Do you struggle with lust and pornography? The more she asked the more intense the conversation became.

So I denied everything. I told her I was just channel surfing. I argued with her about what she saw. I convinced her that I didn’t struggle with porn or lust. She had nothing to worry about. I was lying.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that night was the first of many opportunities I had over the first 10 years of our marriage to be honest about my porn addiction. I was a pastor and pastors don’t struggle with lust or porn. At least, no other pastor I knew struggled with it. I felt all alone.

The truth was, I wasn’t alone. I had friends I could have talked to. I had accountability partners I lied to. I had other pastors I blew off when asked about sexual sins and struggles.

In my mind, my intentions were good. I was trying to protect my marriage. The reality is, porn was telling me lies and I was buying right into them.

For the amount of people who struggle with this, we don’t talk about it near enough. We don’t talk about it in our families. We don’t talk about it in our churches. We think avoiding it will make it go away. Statistically speaking, over 50 percent of the men reading this post have had exposure to pornography recently. And it’s not just a “man’s problem,” either. About 30 percent of porn users online are women. It isn’t going away.

Here are the three lies porn told me and will tell you as well.

1. That was the last time.

No matter how many times you’ve looked at pornography, that was your last time. Because you truly believe it is your last time buying the magazine, going to the web site, downloading that movie—you don’t need to confess it, because it was the last time. Until tomorrow or next week or next month. It is the last time—until the next time. If porn can convince you that “this time is the last time,” you’ll never tell anyone.

2. You can stop anytime you want.

You know what pornography has done to other marriages, to other friends, to other families, to other church leaders…but you aren’t really “addicted” to pornography. You can stop anytime you want. Besides it doesn’t have the same effect on you that it does on other people. It won’t hurt your life, your marriage, your kids, your church, your ministry like it has other people. You are in control of porn, it doesn’t control you.

3. Confessing your struggle will cost you too much.

Porn wants you to live in secret. Porn causes us to weigh the cost of confessing against the cost of hiding and convinces us that hiding will be less painful. You think you are helping yourself and your marriage by hiding your porn addiction. Your wife—or husband—won’t understand. Your marriage won’t recover. Your credibility won’t be able to be rebuilt.

Something I’ve learned the hard way: Hiding sin never provides us with the power to overcome it. The freedom you long for is found in confession. Freedom costs something up front, but not as much as bondage costs over time.

Believing these lies will never give you the power to overcome them. Trying to quit will not give you the power to quit. But freedom is possible.

Here is what I believe with all of my heart: If you struggle with pornography, God isn’t disappointed in you; He is fighting for you. He died and conquered sin and death so you can have victory in this area of your life.

Where do we begin? How can we overcome something that grips our heart and keeps us living in shame and guilt? The first place I suggest everyone that struggles with pornography start is with a Christian counselor. Both my wife and I needed someone with greater perspective and wisdom than we had to help us overcome this struggle in my life.

Beyond that, I want to share one principle with you that I believe has power to bring freedom, hope and healing to your heart. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Healing comes through confession and prayer. I know that sounds very churchy, but take a look at this Scripture: “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16).

The type of confession that James is talking about isn’t a confession for forgiveness; it is confession for healing. There is a healing that comes to our heart as we confess our sins with one another.

Most of us have the “forgiveness” part of confession down. We know that in order to get forgiveness from God, we have to confess our sins. Maybe you grew up confessing to a priest, maybe it is something that you do in your quiet time with God, maybe it is something that you do after you’ve made a huge mistake. Most of us know that forgiveness from God comes through confession.

We don’t talk about the “healing” type of confession in the Church very often. In fact, we have built a religious system that tries to find healing through hiding our sins, not confessing them. The sins we do confess are “safe” sins: bitterness, jealousy, materialism, anger and selfishness.

I was the master at this. I appeared “authentic” for confessing socially acceptable sins while I lived as a prisoner to sins I wasn’t willing to confess. For years, I forfeited the healing that God longed to bring to my heart not because I didn’t confess my sins to Him; but because I refused to confess them to anyone else.

But here’s 3 truths porn will never tell you:

Temptation loses its power when we confess.

Sin loses its ability to keep us fractured when we confess.

Addictions lose the control they have in our lives when we confess.

The secret sin you keep only has power as it remains a secret. The Light will always overcome darkness. The difficult decision we face is to allow that Light into the darkest, most embarrassing parts of our heart. God can’t heal the parts of our heart we refuse to bring into the Light. But when we do, we can be healed.

– relevant magazine

No sign of Orthodox bishops’ release, fears of political blackmail grow

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Sources tell AsiaNews they will believe in the release when they can see and talk to the two bishops. Delay is a sign that something went wrong. So far, Christians have not taken sides with either warring party. The pope calls for a political solution to the crisis. Western governments seek to arm the opposition. Accusations of nerve gas use could lead to US military intervention.

Orthodox bishopsSyria, April 26, 2013: There is no sign that two Orthodox bishops kidnapped four days ago near Aleppo have been released, this despite numerous reports about their liberation. “Nothing; there is nothing; only unreliable reports,” a source, anonymous for security reasons, told AsiaNews. “We can talk about their release only when the two bishops are in front of us and can talk to us.”

Mgr Yohanna Ibrahim, bishop of the Syriac Orthodox Diocese of Aleppo, and Mgr Boulos Yaziji, archbishop of the Greek Orthodox diocese of the same city, were abducted on Monday in Kafr Dael, 10 km from Aleppo, on the Turkish border. Their driver, a Syriac Orthodox deacon, was killed.

According to information from the Orthodox Church, the two prelates were negotiating the release of two priests, Fr Michel Kayyal (Armenian Catholic) and Fr Maher Mahfouz (Greek Orthodox), seized in February and still in the hands of kidnappers, even though a ransom was paid for their release.

Damascus pinned the kidnapping of two bishops on “terrorist groups”. Some sources have blamed Chechen jihadists for the abduction. The Free Syrian Army (FSA), the main armed opposition force, accused instead Syrian troops.

What the case, what is certain is that the two bishops were kidnapped in a rebel-held area and that opposition officials said they would do what they could to ensure their release. “However, the release is taking its time,” the source told AsiaNews, “and this is worrisome.”

As time goes by, fears are growing that something went wrong. “The more time goes by, the worse it gets,” the source said.

Some fear that the abduction might be a way to force the Church and Christians to take sides. So far, only the United Nations and the Vatican continue to call for political talks as the only way to end the civil war.

On Wednesday, as he mentioned the two kidnapped bishops, Pope Francis called “for an end to the bloodshed,” for the delivery of “necessary humanitarian assistance to the population” and for a quick “political solution to the crisis.”

In a public statement, the Syriac and Greek Orthodox patriarchates of Antioch, to which the two kidnapped bishops belong, stressed that the two prelates are “messengers of peace”, as demonstrated by their “religious, social and national work.”

On this basis, the patriarchates called on all Churches in the world to reject “all kinds of violence hitting the human beings living in the East.”

Similarly, they called on “our partners in citizenship, from all Islamic confessions, to stand hand in hand and work on refusing the misuse of man and deal with him as a product, a shield in the battles or a means for monetary or political bribery.”

The abduction of the two bishops comes at a time when Western governments are increasingly convinced that Syrian rebels must be armed and the Central Intelligence Agency is certain that the Assad regime used nerve gas, a conclusion that could push the United States towards military intervention in Syria.

– asianews

Just think about it…

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Death asked Life :
Why does everyone love you and hate me.
Life replied :
Because I am a beautiful Lie and you are a painful Truth

Painful Truth

Temple is a 6 letter word
Church is a 6 letter word
Mosque is also a 6 letter word
Geeta is a 5 letter word
Bible is a 5 letter word
Quran is also a 5 letter word

Beautiful Life

A Lovely Logic for a beautiful Life:
Never try to maintain relations in your life
Just try to maintain life in your relations

Maintain your life

Always welcome the problems
Because problems give you dual advice
First, you know how to solve it
Second, you know how to avoid it in future

Welcome the problems

3 stages of Life:
Teen Age – Has time & energy – But no Money
Working Age – Has Money & Energy – But No Time
Old Age – Has Money & Time – But No Energy

3 Stages of life

We are very good Lawyers for our mistakes
Very good Judges for other’s mistakes

World always say – Find good people and leave bad ones.
But I say, Find the good in people and ignore the bad in them
Because No one is born perfect

Born Perfect

A fantastic sentence written on every Japanese bus stop.
Only buses will stop here – Not your time
So Keep walking towards your goal

Walk towards your goal

Negative Thinkers focus on Problems
Positive thinkers focus on Solutions

Never hold your head high with pride or ego.
Even the winner of a gold medal gets his medal only when he bows his head down

Pride or ego

Define TODAY
This is an Opportunity to Do A work better than Yesterday

African Saying:
If you want to walk quick, walk alone
If you want to walk far, walk together

Define today

Confident Quote:
I have not failed.
My success is just postponed.


Entire water in the ocean can never sink a ship
Unless it gets inside.
All the pressures of life can never hurt you unless you let them in.


– fwd: janet dsouza

78000 cheques given in pre-matric scholarships to minority students in WB are invalid

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Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal during the distribution of pre-matric scholarships to minority students West Bengal, April 26, 2013: 78000 cheques given in pre-matric scholarships to minority students in West Bengal have either been deemed invalid or bounced.

West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (WBMDFC) have disbursed the pre-matric scholarship for the year 2012-13 to nearly 12 lakhs minority students.

However, several thousands cheques are reported to have ‘bounced’ from the WBMDFC account due to either insufficient funds or as the cheques reached concerned schools or students after the expiry of the dates, accepted Abu Ayesh Mondal, Chaimen of the WBMDFC when contacted by the TCN.

As a rule a cheque is valid for three months from the date of its issue.

Defending the government, Mondal said that Chief Minsiter Mamata Banerjee, who also, holds the additional portfolio of the Minority Affairs and Madrasa education department, has made special allocation for the scholarship distribution and Rs 15 crore will soon be disbursed.

He blamed the central government for not sending the adequate funds in time, as 75% of the money comes from Delhi.

Mondal further said the West Bengal government plans to target at least 24 lakh students in near future.

He said that he has urged the WB chief minister for allocation of more funds in the state budget.

Abu Ayesh Mondal, WBMDFC Chairman at his office in Salt LakeMondal told TCN that already they have initiated the process of re-issuing cheques and handed over to several students. He also assured that WBMDFC is seriously looking into the matter and will soon resolve the issue.

Generally a scholarship of Rs 1000 or 1075 is given to students. Several thousand affected students from the northern districts of Cooch Bihar, North Dinajpur, Malda, Murshidabad, etc may never get the reimbursement as it would not make any sense for those poor students to spend money in traveling to Kolkata for this small amount, said Abdul Hamid, guardian of one such student from North Dinajpur.

Talking to TCN, Hamid said that he had urged the WBMDFC to accept the ‘bounced’ cheques sent by aggrieved students through registered post, and to reissue cheques after proper validation, but the authority declined.

When TCN posed the same question to the Chairman of the WBMDFC, Abu Ayesh Mondal, he said in clear words that there is no provision to directly send cheques by post and so either the students or their guardians will have to come to the Kolkata office for the collection of the cheques.

Mondal added that the cases of ‘bounced’ cheques are very low compared to the previous Left front government.

Ayesh Mondal was earlier in CPIM and MLA for several terms. He later joined the Trinamul Congress and won the WB Assembly elections in 2011 on the TMC ticket.

– tcn

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