Do not limit God

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Do not limit God

Rumbared Bongeke, a famous gospel preacher, had a mobile tent which had a capacity to accommodate nearly 45000 people. Once he fixed his tent in one of the cities in Africa and made all the arrangements for a convention. But unfortunately, the previous evening came a heavy rain storm and the tent completely fell off. Everyone got disappointed and the organizers felt the convention would not take place. But Rumbared was not at all disappointed. He knelt down and prayed. To everyone’s surprise first time ever in his preaching ministry more than 75000 people attended the convention.

The incidents in the life of Rumbared and many others and our own lives makes it clear that we are people who fix limits for God’s works. Our big plans are very small in front of the plans of God for us. Only when our plans gets destroyed and our calculations go in vain we would understand the plan of God in our lives.

Most of the failings and crises in our lives are not meant for our destruction. But they really lead us to a greater goodness. If Rumbared were to rebuild the destroyed tent or if he were to postpone his preaching till the tent gets ready he would have missed the grace of God had for him and for many thousands people. Therefore, whenever your plans gets destroyed or your hard works do not yield desired fruits do not get panic or lose heart, but allow the Lord to work in you.

“We know that all things work together for good for those who love God; who are called according to his purpose” (Rom 8:28)

– by fr arun, logos retreat center



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