3 Americans martyred in Kabul?

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Kabul PoliceDelhi, April 24, 2014: We have just received information that three American Christians were allegedly martyred and two others, including one sister was injured by Afghan police and soldiers in Kabul yesterday.  The incident occurred when the three believers, who were doctors went to the CURE Hospital in Kabul to meet another brother, who was one of the senior doctors in that hospital. While they were inside the compound, the soldier who was responsible for the security of the hospital compound opened firing on them; and unfortunately 3 of them were killed and two others were injured. Two among the martyrs were a father and son.

The CURE Hospital is reportedly working under a Christian charity – Cure International – which operates in 29 countries with the motto: curing the sick and proclaiming the Kingdom of God. Afghan Christian refugees in India call for prayers, believing our three brothers are with the Lord, rejoicing for giving their lives for the sake of proclaiming His Gospel to the lost. Please also pray that God may give strength to their families and friends, besides Afghan believers in India, who are discriminated and those back home in Afghanistan, who are persecuted.

– afghan christians in delhi

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