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The RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat

The RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat

Madhya Pradesh, November 16, 2011: RSS held its National level annual meeting in Indore 11-13th November in Indore Madhya Pradesh. About 11,000 participants took part. This is a small turn out considering the BJP government of MP was fully backing it. The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat along with his team dressed in the British and best Khaki shorts and shirts were there and so were the participants who were mostly older people with very few of the younger generation. The younger people are out there wearing jeans and T shirts and studying in English schools and eating pasta and burgers.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan the Chief minister of MP along with other ministers represented the political wing. The main topic this time was the menace of Missionary activity, conversion and English education. The Muslims did not figure significantly in the main agenda this time.

RSS claims to have 1,57,000 Shakhas (cells) all over India which incidentally is probably much less than the number of exploding cell churches. So there is good reason for them to be concerned.

The Theme of the gathering was, “Waman Drishti” meaning Waman vision. Waman is actually means  Brahman. Waman was the incarnation of Vishnu the favorite God of Brahmans, who incarnated to kill Baliraja a righteous king, somewhere in Konkan area and destroy the kingdom and install supremacy of Brahmans.

Malyalis celebrate this as Onam while Maharashtrians Brahmin women celebrate by killing a cow dung statue of Baliraja while shudra women celebrate waman dahan (death to Waman) saying alay balay jai, Bali ka raj aaye, meaning all rubbish to go and the kingdom of Baliraja must come back again.

Mahatma Jotiba Phule has fully exposed this Brahman conspiracy in his writings on Slavery. In fact he believed that missionaries are the resurrected Balraja who are bringing justice to the oppressed people. Some in fact believe that Jesus is the Baliraja,  as the King who became a sacrifice.

Sadly many of the RSS delegates who are shudras (untouchables) do not know the history nor do they understand the implication of Waman Drishti which is to reimpose the Brahman hegemony. Christianity and English education of the lower castes presents a great threat to their designs. However it is good to note the the RSS is on the decline. This could also mean that they will become more aggressive if not violent. We need to pray and praise God.

– v.choudurie

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