50 Gujarat pastors to reconvert to Hinduism?

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Gujarat, July 18, 2012: 50 persons who had left Hindu religion, accepted Christianity and  become pastors will be reverting back to Hindu religion.On 20 July 2012 a Special  religious function will be organised for their home coming at Damodar Kund situated in holy Girnar mountain.

They will be inducted into Hinduism after vedic rituals. Swami Nityanand from Ahmedabad informed.

Swamiji told that they will come back by vedic method, but no religion or faith will be insulted or mocked. They are coming back to their own home from the home where they have been living. They will be coming back to home in the presence of saints, wandering in the Girnar mountains to save the religion. Swamiji told that all of these persons are pastors. They will forsake all religious signs and symbols before coming to his place.

On the day of the Home coming ritual at Bramhamuhurt (i.e. a time which is about three hours before sunrise) their bodies will be purified by applying cow urine and cow dung cakes. After this they will bathe in the Holy Damodar Kund. After this they will ceremoniously wear the holy thread in the “Janeu Sanskar”.  Mother Gayatri’s Mantra will be taught. After the Vedic ceremony they will give burnt offerings in the Gayatri Yagya. This ritual will be performed in the headship of  Vedic Guru Chetan Shastri.

– akhilesh edgar

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