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Bangalore MeetingBangalore, December 14, 2011: The prophets of today are called to break all barriers and make way for the kingdom of justice, peace and righteousness.

A 300 strong group of religious came together in Bangalore to proclaim the joy of evangelization which begins with the proclamation of good news to the poor of our country.

A society of love, peace and justice with transcendent communion with God is a situation for which we need to magnify the Lord of the Universe. The Assisi experience of communion in prayer under the leadership of the recent Popes have broken the barriers of religious divide and created a new perception for mankind.

If all Christians see all other people as Jesus saw them Christianity is a reality to be lived than one to be realized.

A vision for the Church of Today and Tomorrow is a relevant topic today and the CRI Bangalore Unit, reflected on the “Joy of Evangelization”

And we came to realize that we need to become a dynamic church be it in our prayer life or in our apostolic life.

We need to move from being pious to spiritual beings; from focusing on professionalism to being missionaries to affirm and uphold the value of human beings as children of God.

We need to rise above being workers in the institutions to being efficiently committed and God experienced religious upholding the values of justice, peace and harmony through enculturation.

Fr. Ronald Cardoza, the Secretary Regional Commission for Proclamation & Evanglization enlightened the Bangalore CRI members as to how they can be catalysts in the evangelizing mission of families.

The testimony of his personal journey and his dynamic presentation increased the zeal, enthusiasm and spirit in Religious on our calling to be the extension of Christ in the given global situation across the world.

He reflected on the two types of evangelization firstly Look Good News/ Look Jesus in every person we are sent to work with: either in the field of health care, education, social and pastoral apostolates. They all yearn and thirst to experience the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Secondly evangelization is not only through our personal encounter but also by our profession of faith that Jesus is Lord in Rm. 10:9-10, that we are saved.

Family being the place of origin of any human being must become the power house to carry out the values of Christ. Therefore it is not enough to be occupied with hundreds of administrative works and say we have no time for people and for family visits. Let Christ become the centre of our being and doing in the missions.

Sr. Clare dsp and her team working at the Archdiocesan Catholic Enquiry Centre, made a creative presentation of joyful evangelization in the form of dance and personal testimonies. She said, lay faithful are giving up their high profile jobs and are coming to be partners in the mission to proclaim Christ to the World.

Ms. Parimala Selvaraj working with Sr. Clare and Ms. Judith Anthony, an engineering Student from the Jesus Youth Movement challenged the religious of our very vocation in following Christ along the way of the Evangelical Counsels. They exhorted the need of the hour to work in collaboration with the evangelizing mission of the church.

Bro. Paulose sg in his presentation exhorted the participants to broaden their vision from merely being Church workers to working for the Kingdom of God. He felt that our narrow agenda often hindered the larger goal of proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ for mankind.

He also challenged the religious to see how we can break the barriers between religions after the example of St. Paul who went beyond the Jews, Greeks, Gentiles and even Christians of his time and made a new people. Conversion has acquired a negative connotation and we need to recapture the spirit of it in the newness of the Gospel.

Fr. Dominic Jacob ofm, who is into direct procalmation spoke of the 4 pillars of evangelization – love, trust, faith and faithfulness.

The meeting was held on 11th December 2011 at St. Euphrasias School Hall, Good Shepherd Convent from 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

– cri

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