A Church is damaged in Kakinada

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Pastor P. Ratna Babu

Pastor P. Ratna Babu

Andhra Pradesh, November 06, 2011: A church was vandalised by anti-Christian group in Kakinada, East Godavari District.

An anti-Christian group led by Mr. Cheduluri Gouraiah had installed a picture of an idol on a land belonging to Kreesstu Aseenudu Ministries (KSM) in early October. Pastor P. Ratna Babu then complained about this illegal activity to the local district Superintendent of police and the District Collector of East Godavari District. Meanwhile the group led by Mr. Gouraiah trespassed on the KSM land, with construction material in a bid to illegally occupy and construct a temple.

Members of the church then informed the police about this activity, who later came and chased the deviant group away from the KSM land. Later, on the 6th of November, 2011, the same of group of people allegedly damaged the Church building belonging to KSM breaking the doors and windows in the process. A police complaint has been filed over the incident.

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