A Hindu Converted Christian gunned down for his faith

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Lahore, February 19, 2013: On dated 16 February 2013, Christian man Roshan Masih 45 years old was murdered after being shot on trivial arguments on faith with Muslim Sohail Akhtar.

Roshan Masih (Hindu name Lal Ram) migrated from Metro Basti Tehsil Fortabas, Behawal Nagar since the last 20 years and settled in Lahore after accepting Jesus Christ. He was living at Jughian Asam Town, Lahore. He argued on religion with a Muslim man Sohail Akhtar, son of Muhammad Akhtar and there was quarrel between two on this sensitive issue. Sohail could not control himself and fired at Roshan while he was sitting at the shop of  Sadiq Masih. Roshan Masih died on the spot.

On Saturday 16 February 2013, LEAD’s chief advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill was told on phone by Ghulam Masih (Ex. Union Councilor) that Roshan Masih had been shot dead and he was urged to take legal action to get justice of this innocent murdered for his faith. Gill took the initiative and got an FIR registered against murderer, who was arrested and is now under police custody. LEAD’s legal panel will prosecute this case and fight for justice.

” We demand protection of lives and properties of Christians in Pakistan. The authorities must ensure that the fundamentals rights of Christians and other minorities are safeguarded “,  Sardar Mushtaq Gill said

– Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD)

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