Karwar: Pastor chased out of village for his faith

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KarwarKarnataka, August 31, 2013: Pastor Devu Kanu Pale Gowli, 33, is the pastor of a House Church, Blessing Ministry Church, at Kauthoor village, Mundgodu Taluk of Karwar District in Karnataka. He lives with his wife, Jaya, 26, and a one month old baby boy. He is from an orthodox Hindu background belonging to the Gowli caste, originally hailing from Maharashtra. Pastor Devu accepted Christ about 8 years ago and committed himself to serve Christ in all respects. He also went to a bible college to study and know more about the teachings of Christ.

When he came back, he began sharing the gospel message with his family members, relatives, friends and others in and around his village. People began to accept Christ and he also started a House Church in a believer’s house. Many people started accepting Christ in that village, but the members of his family and relatives did not want to accept Christ and so they also did not want Pastor Devu to share the gospel message in the village. They began to torture him and his wife.

Subsequently, all of them got together and joined hands with the radical groups who continued to torture the pastor and his wife, beat them up and do everything possible to force them to reconvert them to Hinduism. But when they failed in all their attempts, they banned them from their family and also from their village, Chitigeri village where they had been living till then. They also strictly warned them not even to see or meet their parents. The Hindu fundamentalists also filed a complaint at the Mundgod Police Station alleging Pastor Devu and his wife of forcible conversion of Hindus to Christianity based on which they were arrested and kept in the police station for some time along with their infant. A lawyer was appointed who went to the police station and got them released subsequently.

The saddest part of the whole story is that not only he was chased out of the house and the village, the rabid Hindu fanatics did not allow his family to give him anything, and added to that they also destroyed a sewing machine with which he was earning his daily bread, since he had also made a name as a good and an honest tailor.Since the pastor was literally on the streets along with his wife and a little child, the members of his congregation requested him to move into the church which is still under repairs. The present House Church is still without a door and the windows as they do not have money enough to complete it. Please pray for them.

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