A permanent abode for 127 families affected by flood in Raichur District

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A permanent abode for 127 families affected by flood in Raichur DistrictKarnataka, February 24, 2012: One hundred and twenty  seven newly built houses for the flood victims of Manvi and Sindanoor talukas of Raichur dist. were inaugurated in a joyous function, in the presence of huge gathering, the local MLA, and other leaders of the area, in Pannur. These houses  built by The Centre for Non Formal & Continuing Education, an NGO run by the Jesuits of Karnataka, in Manvi, Raichur Dist, for the needy people irrespective of caste creed and religion.  The Jesuits  have been working  in the remote corner of the district for the past 10  years  and have been instrumental  to start a CBSE school  and a P U college, for Dalits, where more than  1500 students from 65 villages are being educated.

The  opening ceremony of  the houses took place in the presence of Mr. Hampayya Nayak, MLA of  Manvi, Mr. Bosraj ex MLA and  Secretary of KPCC, Mr. Basavan  Bagvat, ex MLA and President  of CADA, Mr. Gangadar Nayak, ex MLA, Fr. Terence Farias SJ, Superior of Pannur Mission, Fr. Maxim the Parish Priest of Jagir Pannur,  Fr. Eric Mathias SJ, Director of CNF&CE and  other civic authorities.

Mr. Hampayya Nayak, MLA of  Manvi, speaking  on the occasion reiterated his appreciation of the Jesuit Fathers commitment to the cause of the poor and  have shown to these people where God is really found. He said that God is experienced when  a person  brings hope  to  the hopeless, providing the homeless with a home and those without clothing with clothes to put on and  those who are illiterate  with the gift  of knowledge through education  and those longing for love with loving care. He appreciated the commitment of Pannur Jesuits for setting aside their CBSE School for Dalits, the untouchables, Deavadasi children and  a preferential option for the village girls.

Families affected by flood in RaichurMr. Bosraj the ex MLA was all in praise for the quality of the  new houses built with great care and love. He appreciated the quality of whatever is done for the poor.   He assured the Jesuits his  full support  in our ventures for  the betterment of  village people.

Mr. Basavan  Bagvat, ex MLA and President  of CADA, expressed  his  satisfaction at the newly built houses for 127 families.  He promised whatever help is needed for  any  project for the development of the people.

There were  more than a thousand people gathered for the programme from various villages.  Fr. Terence Farias the Superior of Pannur Jesuits welcomed the gathering and thanked all guests for the support   assured by them. The well planned, and neatly built houses were appreciated by all. The cultural programme given by the children  of the village was much appreciated  by the whole gathering.

The Jesuit Mission of Pannur, Karnataka  includes, a Health Centre,  effectively  run by the  St. Joseph’s of Tarbes Sisters of  Mysore Province,  a school and a college, and extensive  social work in  about 75 villages. Considering the recent  deaths of several little children on account of malnutrition  in  Raichur Dist, a nutrition programme for the children of 50 villages is  being worked out.

By. Fr. Terence Farias SJ

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