Afghan Parliament debates Christian converts?

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Afghan Parliament Delhi, August 16, 2013: There are a number of Afghan refugees in India and recently the Afghan Parliament reportedly had a session on the issue of Conversion from Islam to Christianity… We have received a prayer request, in the light of this reported meeting, where the following mentions were made. You are urged to pray for the situation.

Here are statements attributed to some Afghan Parliamentarians, who are reported in the media to have said:

* The process of converting Afghans from Islam to Christianity in India  is going on. Afghans are converting to Christianity for different reasons in India, and in order to stop this process (Conversion), all these Afghans who are converted to Christianity should be hanged.

* A center (headquarters) called Afghan Church has been established New Delhi and all Afghans are officially invited to Christianity by this church.

* The United States had a long term plan to change the culture and religion of Afghan people in Afghanistan, and the process of conversion from Islam to Christianity in India is a part of the US plan. If the Afghan nation does not want Afghans converted to Christianity, then it must not sign the long term strategic agreement with the US.

* This is a side effect of the American invasion, which is why Afghans are converting to Christianity. The internal and national security commissions (councils) must take serious steps to prevent such conversions.

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