After Modi, now RSS speaks against cow vigilantism

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New Delhi, August 8, 2016: Echoing the sentiments of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on cow vigilantism, the RSS on Monday said “some anti-social elements are taking law into their hands in the name of cow protection” and sought “strict action” against them.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh publicity head Manmohan Vaidya also urged people not to get influenced by these anti-social elements.

“Some anti-social elements are taking law into their hands in the name of cow protection. They are polluting the cordiality of the society. This is raising questions over the genuine work of cow protection. RSS requests the citizens of the country not to associate or get influenced by such handful of opportunistic people in the name of cow protection,” he said.

“We also urge the state governments to take strict legal action against such people,” he added.

Vaidya further said: “India is an agricultural country and cow has always been the mainstay of agriculture. The importance of cow-based organic farming has increased when the entire world is suffering from chemical fertilisers and insecticide. Therefore, Hindu as well as other communities are committed towards cow protection.”

“Eminent people like (Mahatma) Gandhi ji, Vinoba Bhave ji and (Pandit Madan Mohan) Malviya ji had also worked towards cow protection,” he said.

On a visit to Telangana, Modi had on Sunday – for the second time in 24 hours – called for protecting Dalits and for isolating and punishing fake “gau rakshaks” (cow protectors), saying they were destroying the country.

Earlier, breaking his silence on cow vigilantism, Modi had in New Delhi on Saturday said he felt “very angry” at such incidents and has asked state governments to prepare a dossier of people who are “running shops” in the name of cow protection.

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