All India Hindu convention calls for common civil code *Sri Ram Sena set to drop the beat in Goa’s clubs

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Pic: Hindu Jagruti

Goa, Jun 10, 2012: The ‘All India Hindu convention’ got underway in the temple town here Sunday with a call for Hindu unity aimed at making India a Hindu nation.

The huge congregation of Hindu right-wing organizations and leaders from across the country also demanded a common civil code in India.

National coordinator of Hindu Jangruti Samiti (HJS) – the organizers of the meet – Chitaranjan Sural from Kolkata stressed the need for India to have a common civil code. “India would be able to move ahead in leaps and bounds if India adopts a common civil code”, he said calling for support from all sections of the society for the new system.

Pramod Mutalik, President, Shriram Sena in South India, made it clear that the Sena doesn’t follow Gandhian principle of non-violence. “We are not Gandhians. Non-violence as a form of agitation cannot take up anywhere. We would rather follow in the footsteps of Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose,” Mutalik said.

Perhaps this is his first public speech after his entry was banned by the Congress government more than a year ago in view of Sena-related violence in neighbouring Karnataka.

At present, BJP is ruling Goa for the last three months. Without mincing words, he said “We can achieve our objective only with aggression”.

He alleged that the government was silent to the “large scale” conversion going on in Karnataka in the name of Love Jihad. Rameshwar Mishra, President , ‘Dharmapalan Shodhpeeth’ Bhopal, emphasized the need to end religious-based reservations in the country which he said are taking the country in reverse direction.

He criticized the government on cow slaughter and said that the law is more on paper as indiscriminate cow slaughter is taking place in the country with overt or covert backing of the authorities.

Mishra also cautioned the government of trying to take over temples. Criticising the government for eyeing rich temples, he warned that the people would come on the streets if the government doesn’t give up its plans.

Dr Neel Madhav Das, President, ‘Tarun Hindu’ organization, pointed out that when India became a republic in 1960, there was nothing called as secular in the constitution of India. It was only in 1976 during an amendment, the word secular was incorporated in the constitution.

According to the organizers, the five-day conference will also discuss issues related to conversion, religious reservations, persecution of Hindus in the Hindu-majority India. The meet is to also chalk out an action plan aimed at making India a Hindu nation.

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Sri Ram Sena set to drop the beat in Goa’s clubs


Pic: Hindu Jagruti

Goa, Jun 11, 2012: Despite the Congress government’s decision on April 1, 2009, of banning the entry of Karnataka-based Shriram Sena chief Pramod Muthalik into Goa, Mutalik on Sunday announced his plans to come to the state and set up a unit here soon.

Muthalik spoke to mediapersons on the sidelines of a four-day all-India Hindu convention under way at Ramnathi in Ponda. “We are seriously in touch with youth willing to join and initiate the work of the organization in Goa,” Muthalik said.

Shri Ram Sena, which has around 4 lakh members including about 5,500 “active” workers, is spread across 22 of the 30 districts of Karnataka and efforts are on to set up units in the the remaining districts, Muthalik said.

On January 24, 2009, about 15 to 20 activists of the Shri Ram Sena had allegedly assaulted boys and girls in a Mangalore pub for engaging in “an obscene dance culture, which is anti-Indian”. The alleged assault, particularly on girls, had evoked outrage across the country.

After the attack, Muthalik had expressed his desire to set up base in Goa saying that the culture in Goa was becoming “extremely westernized”. He had said there was a need to change this culture and hence, would be setting up units here.

Responding to his plans, the then government had banned Muthalik’s entry into the state vide an order passed by the district magistrate. Then home minister Ravi Naik had also assured the media that Muthalik would not be permitted to enter the state.

Terming the ban as a “foolish” policy of the then Congress government, the Sena chief said the ban was unwarranted as the organization has neither a unit in the state nor any members. “Moreover, being an Indian, I have a fundamental right to move freely in any part of the country,” he said, adding, “When the president of Pakistan has easy access to India, why can’t I?”

Referring to his interest in the coastal state in particular, Muthalik said, “Since Goa is a popular tourist destination, several dance clubs and high-voltage parties are taking place to attract foreign tourists. However, it inversely affects Goa’s culture and several desi young girls visit dance clubs in the name of modernization and Goan culture is being westernized.”

Admitting that his organization follows an aggressive approach in handling things, Muthalik said the Sena wing that would be started in Goa would deal with clubs and parties severely. “We are not like Gandhi. We believe in Bhagat Singh and Netaji Bose. We are aggressive in our approach and that is the only way to protect the country,” he added.

– timesofindia

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