Andhra Govt. failed to establish communal harmony: PFI *Mangalore Ursulines complete 125 years

Andhra Pradesh, April 10, 2012: The Congress government in Andhra Pradesh has failed to establish communal harmony in the state as communal violence is taking place at regular interval, said Popular Front of India on Tuesday and alleged that the government seems to have lost control on the police as in most cases of communal violence the police were just mute spectators.

PFI Andhra Pradesh president, Mohammed Arif Ahmed was addressing press conference here along with Social Democratic Party of India’s Andhra president Mr. Reddy Mushtaq Ahmed. They strongly criticized the Congress led Andhra Pradesh State Government.

Fascist communal forces are gradually being strengthened in the state, they said adding: From the serial communal riots of Siddipet (Medak district), Adoni (Kurnool district), Karim Nagar, Sanga Reddy and now Hyderabad we have witnessed two common facts; one is that the police act as mere spectators during the violence and the other is that all the riots were pre planned by the communal fascist forces.

They also alleged that communal riots have erupted after the new DGP assuming office last year. “All these riots took place since Mr. V. Dinesh Reddy became the chief of the State police department. The State government has lost control over the state police department,” they said and expressed their deep concern and anguish at the extensive influence exercised by communal and fascist elements on the police.

The PFI and SDPI leaders put five demands before the state government:

  • Necessary measure to establish communal harmony in the state.
  • Firm action against the culprits according to the rule of law.
  • Clean the state police department from the influence of fascist communal forces.
  • Close watch on the activities of RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Hindu Vahini to stop further communalization of the society.
  • Present and pass Communal Targeted Violence Bill, 2011 in the Parliament and implement it immediately.

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Mangalore Ursulines complete 125 years


Karnataka, April 12, 2012: The congregation was founded on Easter day on April 10, 1887.

Ursuline Franciscan Sister are celebrating 125 years of their foundation today.

The Mangalore-centric congregation was founded on Easter day on April 10, 1887 by Jesuit Father Urban Stein.

The sisters were early forerunners and pioneers of women empowerment in southern India.

Based on the motto of “‘For the love of God,” the congregation is engaged in multi-ministries, runs educational and vocational centers, orphanages, hostels, homes for the elderly and provides medical support.

Their founder wanted the nuns to educate and care for families and children, especially girls.

The Ursuline now have four provinces across India, a central cell and houses in Europe and Africa.

They run over 128 institutions for education, empowerment of women, care of children and youth, homes for the aged, orphanages, farms and other related services.

Early in his tenure at Rosario Cathedral in Mangalore, Fr Stein had the insight to harness cultured local young womenwho had no serious occupation.

Not long after Fr Stein took charge as the parish priest, he organized a dozen better educated women and motivated them to work among children and women and so in 1887, the “Company of St.Ursula” was founded.

St. Ursula was an early martyr.

Fr. Stein died on October 21, 1888 and the responsibility to carry on the congregation’s work fell upon Mother Nymphaa.

She acquired a piece of land just behind the cathedral and constructed a tile structure in 1901 that is still intact and is known as the Ursuline Franciscan Congregation – Foundation House.

It serves as a meditation and prayer house.

The congregation passed difficult times during the world wars, recession and political turmoil but through prayers and hard work, the nuns survived and grew rapidly.

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