Angry mob beat Christian couple accused of evangelization in India, throw their baby on heap of stones

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India, June 13, 2017: Atrocities being committed against Christians by Hindu fanatics in India appear to be on the rise based on the spate of recent reports of such incidents.

In one such recent incidents as reported by Open Doors USA, a mob of Hindu radicals attacked the home of a certain Pastor Rohan and his wife Neha in an undisclosed location in India.

The angry mob wielding sticks accused the pastor of evangelizing a young Hindu boy in the village and demanded that he and his family leave the village.

“They began to beat my wife and I until we bled… and then picked up our baby and threw him against a heap of stones,” Rohan told the Christian ministry.

“The trauma was so much, that my wife lost the baby she was carrying in her womb,” the pastor added.

He said they were forced to immediately leave their home.

They nonetheless expressed thanks to God for not abandoning them since they were given medical and other assistance by Open Doors partners on the field.

“I was crying unto the Lord…it was very painful for me,” Rohan shared. “At that time I saw a light and God talked to me and asked me to think about the pain He felt when He suffered on the cross for me.”

Neha considers it a miracle that fellow Christians quickly came to their aid. “God miraculously helped us and sent His people to give us timely help,” she said.

Last month, the Christian Post reported the burning down of a church and the home of its pastor by Hindu fanatics in southern India after some high “caste” Hindus converted to Christianity and joined the church.

Pastor John Muller and his pregnant wife found their church building and adjoining home already razed to the ground upon arriving home.

According to Open Doors, the number of persecution incidents in India keeps soaring every month with reports coming in almost daily. In April this year, the charity reported 68 such incidents. A total of 316 incidents had been reported since the start of this year up to April.

Of the 68 incidents reported in April, more than a third involved physical beatings of Christians. In some cases, the victims included children. People have also been socially ostracized or expelled from their homes or villages.

The attacking Hindu radicals have no fear of the law or the police and openly declare during their attacks that India is a Hindu country and Christians have no right to preach or attempt to convert people, Open Doors USA reported.

India ranks 15th on the charity’s World Watch list of the top 50 countries where Christians suffer intense persecution.

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