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Now Another Movie Shows the Catholic Priest in Bad Light
Kamal Dhamal Malamaal – Releasing  26th September, 2012

The CSF along with a number of Christian groups like, MCYF, AOCC, CROSS, CPF, etc. has protested against the movie “Kamal Dhamal Malamaal” which has the following scenes which are self explanatory:

* The trailor and songs of the film shows a Catholic priest with a rosary (religious beads) around his neck dancing. Elsewhere a youth is shown with a Holy Water sprinkler in hand.

* The priest is also shown dancing with a pop group to a song in a party and a live person lying in a coffin with the Cross next to him.

* Another scene shows the Catholic priest with a garland of lotteries around his neck dancing with the church in the background.

* A scene shows the Catholic priest with a bouquet of flowers with states – I love you: Aapki Bul Bul, which is unrealistic.

* Notorious characters with garlands of currency notes are shown in the background of a church, which is never the case.

Pictures say it better than words – So here are some of the objectionable scenes:

The movie passed by the Censor Board has hurt our religious sentiments and is giving the impression that the government is taking Christians for granted. If the clergy of any other religion would not be seen in such a manner, why is it expected that the Christian community keep quiet over such mockery and ridicule of its faith.

The CSF, with your support, will continue its campaign against wrongful portrayal of the Clergy, Christians or Christianity. Do get ready to join in the protest soon. More in the next email.

Your brother in Christ,

Joseph Dias
General Secretary, The CSF
+91 9769555657

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