AP bifurcation: Fate of Govt. Muslim institutions uncertain. What about Christians? asks CSF

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Urdu AcademyHyderabad, February 28, 2014: After years of political uncertainty Andhra Pradesh is now drifting towards a resolute fate but with that result the future of its significant Government Muslim institutions has engulfed in ambiguity.

The ongoing process for distribution of public institutions between new state of Telangana and residuary Andhra Pradesh saw special secretary for Minorities Welfare Syed Omer Jaleel calling in meeting of major departments of Wakf board, Haj House, Minorities Finance Corporation, Urdu Academy to guide on the division process.

In the meeting Mr. Omer Jaleel ordered head of institutions under his department to prepare list of files with every detail basing on the regions of Telangana and Seema Andhra. In the meeting it was reported that a proposition was also discussed to maintain status quo for some of the major institutions especially Wakf board and Haj committee for a period of 10 years for both Telangana and Seema Andhra.

When TCN contacted Minority Affairs minister Moahmmed Ahmedullah,he confirmed that Government is seriously viewing the idea of keeping some Government Muslim institutions intact for a period of 10 years until infrastructure gets developed in Seema Andhra or in the new capital of the residuary state.

“Sonia Gandhi has directed us to do justice with both the regions. Government Muslim institutions have their base in Hyderabad so as the city will be joint capital for period of ten years we are looking into the possibility of keeping single Minorities Welfare Department for both Telangana and Seema Andhra.” Minority affairs minister said.

Ahmedullah, who hails from Kadappa district of Rayalseema region believes that by the time a new capital will be developed in residuary Andhra Pradesh than MWD can be established for residual state.

Ahmedullah also told TCN that Chief Secretary has ordered distribution of files on the basis of region in every Govt. department MWD is also in the same process. And a final decision will be taken only after discussion and deliberation with all the departments.

Syed Omer Jaleel special secretary Minorities Welfare speaking with TCN agreed that an idea of joint Govt. Muslim institutions for Telangana and Seema Andhra is under consideration but declined to confirm the final procedure for distribution. “I am just a Government secretary I will execute what Government orders. We have ordered all the departments to start preparing their list of files distributing them on regional lines as per chief secretary’s orders. It is up to the Govt. to decide on the distribution of institutions.”

Prof. S.A. Shukoor who in his capacity is handling three key MWD posts as director A.P. Minorities Finance Corporation, Director Urdu Academy, and special officer of Haj committee believes it’s early to predict the future of Minorities Welfare institutions in the state.

He told TCN that fate and character of MWD can be decided only after elections. “We have received the orders to update our records of all the regions which will take some time. Soon election notification is going to be issue. Election code will be enforced and many of the Govt. servants will be transfer on election duty, so there are lots of hindrances to take a prompt decision,” he said.

Prof. Shukoor like his boss Omer Jaleel reiterates that he is just an officer who will have to follow what politicians will decide.

He conceded that single Minorities Welfare institutions for two states will affect its functions but given that he didn’t rule out the possibility of its implementation. But he was quick enough to add, “I don’t think it will be for 10 years. A decade is too much of a time. They might keep them intact for few years till a new capital is developed in residuary Andhra Pradesh.”

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