The Indian Mujahideen – handmaiden of Modi & IB?

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Indian Mujahidin

July 10, 2013: Can there be more obliging terrorists than our very own Indian Mujahideens! The last they struck was on April when the faction ridden BJP was facing an uphill task to retain its government in Karnataka. The party’s Lingayat icon and former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa, disgusted with the central leadership of his party for patronizing arch rival Ananth Kumar while condemning him as corrupt, had branched off on his own to float Karnataka Janata Party (KJP), causing immense damage to the already dwindling electoral fortune of the BJP making it nearly impossible for the BJP to retain its first and what looks like the last bastion in the South.

Such was the despair and hopelessness in the BJP camp that the party’s Hindu Hriday Samrat (HHS) Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, six months after throwing his hat in the ring as a PM candidate was balking from testing the magic of his charm and charisma beyond the borders of Gujarat.

So days before Modi addressed his first rally the Indian Mujahideen struck right outside the state BJP office causing injuries to 16 people. The then Karnataka Home Minister R Asoka immediately described it as an act of terror and declaring that “It is a very clear act of terror… It is targeted at the BJP, our senior leaders and workers.” Simultaneously while Bangalore Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar merely mentioned about the bomb being placed in a motorcycle parked close to the BJP office, Police “sources” immediately saw a clear IM hand in this blast and even arrested two persons from Chennai. It is another thing that the SIM card through which the blast was activated was traced to a senior RSS leader according to the New Indian Express of May 8, 2013. It says “The stolen mobile phone of a prominent RSS leader was allegedly used to trigger the bomb blast near the BJP office in Malleswaram on April 17.

A top police source told Express: “We did a technical investigation of what triggered the improvised explosive device (IED) that injured 11 policemen and five civilians. Through a mobile tower near the bomb blast area we traced a number, which was registered in the name of a prominent RSS leader from Karnataka. We found out that the cellphone was stolen from him just a day before the blast.’’

But with all the Herculean effort the IM failed to lift the spirits of the BJP in Karnataka and even the three rallies of Chhappan Chhati (chest 56 inches) perhaps three times bigger than mine, failed to save the BJP from doom in all the three assembly constituencies Modi campaigned proving T S Eliot right that ‘April is the cruellest month’.

Within three months the IM has struck again, this time to teach a lesson to the recalcitrant Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and note the alacrity with which the IM struck at Bodhgaya temple! Within 12 hours of Narendra Modi warning the JD-U leader through video conferencing from Gandhinagar with his 1500 BJP supporters sitting in Patna and of the grave consequences of betraying the BJP at the crucial hour, the IM struck. Read the Daily News and Analysis (DNA) July 7, 2103 which says, “those who betrayed people’s mandate in Bihar will be taught a lesson,” Modi said while addressing 1,500 BJP leaders and workers in Bihar through audio bridge technology from Gandhinagar.” One wonders though at Modi’s fascination for the number 15. Earlier he rescued 15000 Gujaratis from Uttarakhand deluge )according to the Times Now and The Times of India reporter Anand T Soondas) in 15×2 (30) aeroplanes and 15×5 (75) Toyota Innovas. Modi’s official date of birth is September 17. But perhaps they might have got it wrong and his actual date of birth might be 15 September?

Meanwhile in the latest instance too while the Bihar Police has detained one Vinod Mistry on the basis of his I-card in a bag also containing a Budhist monk robe, found in the vicinity of Bodhgaya temple where a series of explosions took place two days ago,the IB and BJP immediately pronounced it as the handiwork of IM.

But apart from translating Modi’s warning to the Bihar chief minister into concrete action, the IM has been equally considerate and thoughtful towards IB Special Director Rajendra Kumar whom the “Congress Bureau of Investigations” (CBI) (BJP’s term of derision against the premier investigative agency of the country) has been trying to fix for neutralizing the most dreaded LeT terrorist Ishrat Jahan when the conscientious patriotic officer was only trying to save our national icons Lauh Purush II and Lauh Purush I from such ominous Pakistani conspiracy. This CBI, the caged parrot of this government should be tried and hanged for its blasphemous, anti national seditious act of raising a finger of suspicion at our national heroes. I must say the Indian Mujahideens have done a yeoman service to the cause of patriotism by showing the consequence of raising an accusing finger at the symbols of our national pride Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Rajendra Kumar! No one would dare talk of Ishrat Jahan now, at least for a while. I now believe the IM has actually been trained by the Talibans of Pakistan who always work in tandem with the ISI and Pakistan’s security establishment, killing poor hapless Pakistanis on the pretext of opposing American drone attacks.

– tcn

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