Are we the Church or the Clubhouse?

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This story is told of a small town of people who lived on a stretch of dangerous sea-coast where shipwrecks often occurred.

Some of the towns-people decided to put some time, effort and money into rescue operations.

A small rescue station was built and the devoted members of the rescue team kept a constant vigil over the sea, ready to use their little boats to search for survivors in case of a shipwreck.

One stormy night there was a ship wreck, and the small team went into action.

As result of their work, many lives were saved.

When the news of their rescue was spread around, more and more of the towns people joined the rescue group.

More and more funds were added and, thus, a bigger and better rescue station was built.

The new building was transformed into a clubhouse which provided many recreational facilities for the fun and comfort of all their new members, supposedly, as they waited for another shipwreck.

Again, on a stormy night, the alarm was sounded.

However, very few of the now clubhouse members dared to go out into the stormy waters to save lives.

A few of the members went out and a few lives were saved.

Later there was a division among the members regarding the purpose of their existence.

Today, as the story goes, the town has grown to a large number and there are a number of exclusive clubhouses dotting the shore line.

However, none of them are interested or concerned about rescue operations.

Does this story sound a bit like the modern-day Christian church to you?

Have you ever been to a church where the members pretty much kept to themselves, and greeted you curtly and almost coldly, if they greeted you at all?

Are there churches that seem more like a social club with social events rather than life-saving stations for the spiritually lost and dying?

– fwd: samuel machado

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