Assam: Three Christians attacked & hospitalised *Assam: Christians are being forcibly converted back to Hinduism

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Assam, June 11, 2012: Systematic Persecution of Christians has started again in Assam. Cases of Christians fleeing from their houses and seeking shelter with their relatives in other villages and districts are on the increase in some of the villages of Assam. A serious attack on Christians by an armed group of 40 Hindu fanatics took place in Deupani Village of Narayanpur coming under the South Kamrup District in Assam on the night of 9th June, 2012 and three Chriatians were seriously injured.

Manesor Rabha was taking shelter in a brother’s house afraid of being forced to reconvert himself to Hinduism along with his family members. Michael Rabha and Prashanto Rabha, strong believers, volunteered to guard his house. But on the midnight of 9th June, 2012, about 40 armed miscreants barged into Manesor Rabha’s house and took Michael Rabha, Prashanto Rabha and Manesor Rabha’s wife Mala Rabha to the village club house, where they were interrogated, vilified, and asked to denounce Jesus, and forced to sign blank papers. When the three did not respond to their interrogators, Michael and Prashanto were kicked, boxed and beaten black and blue. Michael was hit on the left eye with a large battery torch light causing grievous wounds. Prashanto was barely breathing. Mala Rabha was also not spared. They were again forced to return to Manesor Rabha’s house and were threatened with dire consequences if the reported the matter to the police.

All the three were admitted to Satribari Christian Hospital in Assam with serious wounds and complications on June 10th morning. Two other families comprising of seven members have also fled from the village. Pastor Sapan Islary and his wife are doing their best to keep up the morale among the members of the frightened Christian families of Kulsi Balijuri, Salbari, Baganpara, Deupani, Narayanpur and other places in South Kamrup District of Assam.


Assam: Christians are being forcibly converted back to Hinduism


Assam, June 11, 2012: Bhageswar Rabha, who belongs to the Rabha Plain Tribe of Assam, was forced to return to Deupani Village in South Kamrup along with his family by the marauding groups of hecklers and forcibly reconverted to Hinduism on 8th June, 2012. Believers of the Rabha Tribe are being systematically herded, terrorized, beaten and thrown out of their homes and their betel and fruit trees slashed down, their houses razed to the ground, the stored grains and other household goods including bicycles, cattle and poultry looted.

The tragedy becomes still worse as the very Gram Sabhas were being called in which hate speeches made by the Hindu fanatics inciting the Hindus villagers to take oaths that no Christians would be allowed to enter or remain in their homes in the villages. The mortally frightened Christians were forced to renounce their religion and forget about Jesus. Some of these helpless believers who are victims to these atrocities are – Durgeswar Rabha (Deupani), Bhageswar Rabha (Deupani), Rana Rabha ( Deupani), Bharat Rabha (Narayanpur), Srimanto Rabha, Batiram Rabha, Matiram Rabha, Jyotish Rabha, Rubul Rabha, Prayerful Rabha. All these were forcibly reconverted to Hinduism.

On the 8th of June 2012 with threats to their very lives. Complaint was lodged about the incident to the concerned local police station. The Inspector in charge of the police station visited the village along with some constables and conducted an inquiry. The police have also filed an F.I.R. in this regard.

Church leaders have also approached the District Administration for help and support. A Peace Committee has been formed but the crowd does not allow any of the believers to come forward and speak out and depose before the District Magistrate about the atrocities against them. The crowd also supposed to have vehemently opposed Christianity to be preached in their villages or allow entry of any Christians into their villages. Frightened of their lives, most of the believers have sought refuge in different parts of the district. It is also learnt that there are sporadic instances of intimidation and forcefully preventing the teachings of Christ, and unleashing hatred and violence
against the peace-loving and suffering Christians in different parts of Assam.


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