Hyderabad: RSS attack – criminal negligence by police?

Andhra Pradesh, April 09, 2012: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee India (CLMCI) has expressed its serious concern on the pre-planned attacks by RSS gang (BJP, VHP, Bagrang Dal, Hindu vahini Durga vahini) on Muslims in Hyderabad city. In its memorandum to commissioner of police Mr. A.K. Khan, CLMCI articulated that police have failed to control the RSS mob which the organization called “criminal negligence of the police.”

Communal violence engulfed the Hyderabad city following a rumor that some meat and green color was thrown on a Hanuman temple. Resulting violence had led to the death of one person and reports of at least nine injured. Section 144 has been imposed through-out the city. Situation has been tense for a few days.

Mr. Khan pointed out that hate-monger Praveen Togadia of VHP who has many cases registered in Hyderabad was allowed to give a speech where he spewed venom against Muslims and Christians. “Police instead of arresting him provided him security. And under the protection of police, immediately after his departure his followers and people of his type like Govind Singh of VHP and Sahadev yadav BJP counselor of Kurmaguda started pre-planned attacks on Muslims by taking advantage of Hanuman Temple episode,” informed Mr. Khan.

Lateef Mohammed Khan blamed police commissioner A. K. Khan for failing to control the situation. “that Hyderabad’s situation is deteriorating is well-known to the police and everyone in the city is concerned about it. But Hyderabad police who works under the commissioner of police Mr. A.K Khan has totally failed in controlling the situation,” added Khan.

“Communalism has got deeply rooted in the Hyderabad police. Hindutva elements have uninterrupted freedom in the city to carry out their activities,” said Mr. Lateef Mohammed Khan, general secretary of the CLMCI.

In Kurmaguda and in Syeedabad Muslims were attacked and their properties were destroyed; unruly mob even entered into the Muslim houses and molested the women folk. Hindutva forces are targeting Muslim youths in deadly attacks. But instead of providing protection to Muslims police is providing cover to the Hindutva communal forces. “It is felt that because a Muslim is holding city commissioner post, the whole Muslim community in the city is paying for it,” said Mr. Lateef Khan.

CLMCI has received many complaints regarding the arrests of Muslim youths in the city, in which many are students, and their exams are still going on. CKMCI demanded their immediate release and arrest of the real culprits, besides protection to the Muslims. “And if as a police commissioner Mr. A.K. Khan can’t fulfill his responsibility then he should resign from his post.”, the representative concluded.

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