Attacks on cows after street dogs by Islamic groups?

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Map of KeralaKerala, October 23, 2012: Cows have been reported to be brutally attacked by alleged terror groups in the night in Kerala. Last week lot of street dogs had been attacked and killed by cutting their heads off the body in a special manner, which makes it suspect of Islamic terror group’s training procedure in Taliban style.

All the incidents are reported at the coastal belts of Thrissur district, where many Islamic organizations have their own training centers. All the cows have brutal injuries on their horns and necks. In some places there are other incidents of even attempting to catch them and set the animals on fire. In several districts like Malappur or Kasrgo, where Muslim population is very high, the police are alleged to believe that these incidents are common.

Even after many incidents, some allege that the police do not consider it a serious issue. Again it was alleged that last month, many youngsters went to Kashmir on a tour, but it seems that all of them underwent special Islamic terrorist training. It was reported that after the issue came up between two Mohallah committees, such incidents are only now being disclosed in the public.

– vishwa samwad kendra / newsbharati

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