Ban cow slaughter in Goa: Hindu Janjagruti Samiti

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Panaji, June 26, 2016: Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) has called for a ban on cow slaughter in Goa and for legislations on the lines of those adopted by Maharashtra to punish those involved in such slaughter.

The organization, after seven days of deliberations at its 5th All India Hindu Convention at Ponda, also decided to pursue a beef ban across India, among other decisions.

BJP MLA from Telangana Raja Singh Thakur told mediapersons on Saturday, along with HJS members, that cows being openly slaughtered in Goa is a “matter of shame” for the entire nation, The Times of India reported.

“It is a stain on our conscience that cow slaughter takes place so openly across Goa and that this meat is even sent for sale outside the state. Amit Shahji had promised that if BJP comes to power, they will ban beef across the country. We will pursue the implementation of this promise. We have already written to the government in Goa about banning cow slaughter,” Singh said.

Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad, Mumbai’s national president Virendra Ichalkaranjikar said that HJS will also take up the issue of illegal encroachments on Moti Dongor in Margao and ask for preservation of the inquisition pillory at Old Goa as it is a heritage monument. HJS national spokesperson Ramesh Shinde said, that at the convention held this month in Ramnathi in Ponda, a common action programme was drawn.

“Under this plan, self-defence training will be organized at 93 places across states in the country,” Shinde said.

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3 Responses to “Ban cow slaughter in Goa: Hindu Janjagruti Samiti”
  1. Fergus Misquitta says:

    COME to LONAVLA –one can have as many as you like of the COWS & BULLS roaming the streets eating GARBAGE — they are doing a fairly good job which our Municipality fails to do

  2. J De Souza says:

    Dear Hindu Jagruthi Samithi, I don’t have a problem in what you believe in, you shouldn’t have a problem in what I eat.

  3. Agnello Fernandes says:

    What is mind boggling is the fact that India is one of the leading exporters of BEEF, so you can kill a cow to get foreign exchange!! Do they really not see this grave contradiction???

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