Bangladesh: 2,000 Christians pray for peace in nation threatened by Islamists

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Bangladesh, June 24, 2016: Around 2,000 Bangladeshi Christians from various denominations gathered to pray for “humanity to wake up” to the growing threat of Islamic terrorism in the country.

The ecumenical prayer service was held on Monday in the Archdiocese of Dhaka and in the Diocese of Khulna simultaneously.

“Let us pray that this will become a country of unity, peace and harmony,” said Mgr Patrick D’Roazario, Archbishop of Dhaka, during the prayers.

“Let us pray that dormant humanity become aware of the violence, murders committed in secret, and the persecution. May Almighty God bless [the terrorists] so that they change their minds.”

As many as 40 people have been killed over the last three years by Islamist extremists in Bangladesh, either members of religious minorities or secularist activists. While responsibility for the killings has been claimed by Islamic State and Al-Qaeda, the government has denied that either group is active in the country, blaming home-grown extremists instead.

“We live in fear because every day ordinary folks become victims of Islamic militants. For this reason, we urged Christian leaders to call on humanity to wake up,” Fr Kamal Corraya told Asia News.

“All mankind cries because no one is safe in this country.”

The prayer meetings were led by a combination of Catholic and Protestant clergymen, who both led prayers and read passages from the Bible.

“There is no place for violence in the teachings of Jesus Christ,” said Paul Shishi, moderator of the Protestant Church of Bangladesh.

“I feel comforted by this prayer,” said one Christian. “I hope the terrorists stop persecuting us, and that we may live in peace.”

Christians and Hindus make up just 10 per cent of Bangladesh’s population of mainly Sunni Muslims.


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  1. AAJ says:

    I pray for the same.

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