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Police arrest suspects in Delhi church attackNew Delhi, May 15, 2016: Former police chief B S Bassi created a flutter on Twitter while countering a random troll’s allegation that he didn’t do anything about the attacks on churches in Delhi.

Bassi’s trolling began with a tweet from @AyyappanRamasam: “Y didn’t @BhimBassi protect churches in Delhi during Delhi Election? 5 Church attacks! Any 1 punished?”.

Bassi replied, “Allegation wrong. For info all 6 incidents vigorously pursued. In 5 no communal angle. One is pending & seems theft.”

The user then tagged the Delhi CM, deputy CM and AAP’s Ashutosh in another tweet and said Bassi didn’t take action. Bassi retorted: “Don’t be an agent provocateur interested in reigniting the canard then latched on by many petty minded politicians”.

The series of attacks on churches happened just before the Delhi Assembly polls of January 2015. Political analysts have suggested that the BJP had made massive gains in Uttar Pradesh in the 2014 national elections because of the communal polarisation that happened following the Muzaffarnagar riots. The ‘mysterious’ attacks stopped once the Delhi elections were over.

– times of india

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