Before You Quit – 4 Looks To Remember

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Before You QuitThere is time for everything. A time to hold on and time to give up.

Well, it’s true that a time comes in life when you feel that something needs to change and the only way to purchase that change is by letting go of something that equally seems important to you. Think of a person who is holding on to a relationship that’s causing more pain than good or a job that’s not satisfying or a dream that’s seems will never come to pass.

Now, it’s very much a personal decision to say enough is enough.

You are the only one who knows how much you’ve had to put up with. But allow me to share with you four looks to always remember before you quit.

Look #1: Look Back

The past is always revealing and can many times enable us understand the present and predict the future. Have you done your best to make it work? Are there mistakes made that need correcting? What would you have done if given a second chance?

Determine the changes you can make in the present.

Do all you can then when the time comes to move on, you will know you gave it your best shot.

Before You QuitLook #2: Look Up

God is always a call away.

He desires to walk with us every step of the journey. Have you sought God concerning your situation? Do you still remember the promises he has made to you? Are warnings you did not heed?

Always keep in mind that God will not allow you to go through more than you can bear.

With every dark season, he always makes a way for you to get into the light season. Trust God to see you through.

Look #3: Look Around

We need other people in our lives.

A Rwandese proverb says that one head helps itself to get mad. You are not created to suffer alone and in silence. Seek the counsel of friends or pastor, someone you can trust.

“Two are better than one…If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!”

Look at what others are going through.

The devil wants you to think that you are the only one who is going through that hard time but it’s a lie. Many have overcome, you too can.

Do you have a friend who sticks closer than a brother?

 Before You QuitLook #4: Look Ahead

What’s at stake if you gave up? How will quitting affect your life five, ten, twenty years from now?

Many times we have to hang in there for the sake of the future. At times there is no place to hide but to be strong and courageous and face the situation in our lives. When we persevere, in the end we are strong, complete and lacking nothing.

The future is bright. It’s not too late. Your life can still count. Never give up on what is worth holding on to.

Before you quit, reflect. The best things in life comes to those who endure to the end.

Scripture Reference

(1) 1Corinthians 10:13  (2) Ecclesiastes 4:10 (3) Proverbs 18:24 (4) James 1:2-4

– Hirwa G. Israel

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