Beijing “calls” back to Seoul Chinese priests & blocks 80 young people leaving for Ayd

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Chinese priestsKorea, August 14, 2014: “At least a dozen priests have been contacted by the Chinese government, which has them warned of ‘problems’ to return home if they had waited until the apostolic visit of Francis in the peninsula. ” A delegation of 100 young people present in Daejeon for the Asian Youth Day, but about 80 were stopped before departure. “At least half” of those seminarians are back home in Beijing, who in recent weeks have refused to obey an excommunicated bishop. Su Xinhua not a word about the pope in Korea.

The Beijing government has banned about 80 young people to participate in the Asian Youth Day being held in Daejeon, despite the enthusiasm aroused by the permission given to the papal flight to fly over the airspace of China. According to sources of AsiaNews , about 40 young people prevented is composed of seminarians in Beijing, in July 2014 refused to attend the final Mass of the year celebrated by some illicit bishops . According to the spokesman of the organizing committee of the Pope’s visit in Korea , Heo Young-yeop, China’s decision arose from “problematic situations within”; Another source speaks of possible arrests.

In addition, the government has decided to recall some Communist Chinese priests residing in Korea before the arrival of Pope Francis in the Korean peninsula. This is confirmed by some local sources for AsiaNews : “The priests were called to the telephone by officials from the Religious Affairs Bureau, which threatened them with ‘problems’ if they were not immediately returned home.”

The threats related to “problems” on returning home are a common means to control the priests and religious overseas Chinese. In addition to the withdrawal of the passport, visa and cancellation of any generic grits bureaucracy, the executive and especially the Religious Affairs Bureau arrived on several occasions to threaten the families left at home of Catholics abroad.

Although there are no official figures, the Chinese community in South Korea has hundreds of thousands of people. Of these, at least 50 thousand are Catholic (baptized or catechumens) groups, mostly based in Seoul and Incheon, followed mainly by priests of their own nationality. Similarly, there are many Korean priests who serve in China, especially the Korean community residing there.

To avoid embarrassing moments, Beijing has decided to call these people and to impose themselves to prevent their contact with Francis.

Yesterday at the inaugural Mass of the Asian Youth Day in Daejeon Chinese flags were not visible, even though he was waiting for a delegation of young people from mainland China. However, invariably indicate the sources of AsiaNews , a group of about 100 young people managed to get on the Korean peninsula: it is the boys from the capital and the province of Hebei.

There will be time to evaluate these signals that China sends to the Vatican. For the moment it seems that Beijing, which considers a modern state, could not help but give the Ok to the papal flight crossing the skies of China, but on land the state wants to continue to monitor the Catholics. As well as the information: Xinhua today there is not even a news story on the Pope in Korea, while stand out titles on the Korean actress who participates in a charity dinner (VFP)

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