Beijing urges religions to “sinicise”, threatens Dalai Lama

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China, August 10, 2016: The Chinese government “intends to continue to promote the development of a Chinese Christian theology that follows the path of socialism”, but all religions must “sinicise” and “reject the political use of the,” Wang Zuoan, head of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, wrote in the Study Times.

“The three evil forces – terrorism, extremism and separatism – try to spread extreme thoughts and incite terrorist activities in China . . . Authorities should not sit back on religious issues since it will lead to serious consequences,” Wang said in the article, citing the Dalai Lama group of using Buddhism to split China.

Wang noted that “sinicized religion” is an effective way to fight foreign hostile forces and he appealed to religious groups and believers to uphold the Party’s leadership and the socialist system, safeguard the unity of Han and ethnic minorities and social stability, and serve the national interest.

Some Western countries distort China’s religious situation in the name of “religious human rights,” and foreign hostile forces use religion to infiltrate China, which will not be tolerated.

Wang is a staunch supporter of central control over religion, which is becoming the prevailing norm in the country.

In recent months, prospects for greater control of religions (including Catholicism) have increased. The goal is to enhance “sinicisation”, “independence from abroad”, and the development of the motherland.

What is more, public security is now responsible for religious affairs.

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