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Bengaluru blastBengaluru, May 30, 2013: The National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) has accused both the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu police for falsely implicating innocent Muslims in the April-17 Bengaluru blast case and has demanded that the case be handed over to the CBI, for fair and speedy investigation.

A report of the fact-finding team of NCHRO formed by Professor Ramesh and Bhavani B Mohan, group presidents for Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, respectively reveals that the cases filed against 11 Muslim suspects in connection with the blast were fobbed off and evidences were fabricated against them by the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka police.

So far 11 Muslims, most of whom belong to Coimbatore, have been arrested in connection with the blast, which took place near the BJP office in Bangalore’s Malleswaram area.

The report, to start off, draws attention to a preliminary complaint, lodged by one traffic police Sub-Inspector Nanjappa, who was physically present nearby the blast site. Nanjappa goes on to mention that the explosion was carried by some “anti-national” terrorist organization members with the intention of waging war against the country. The Fact Finding team alleges that, such stereo typing of the case, without any evidence or proof, subverted the investigation in a specific direction at its very onset.

Mr. Bhavani B Mohan, who spoke to the media, said the fact-finding committee had visited the site of the blast, spoken to the accused and their advocates in the case to get to the crux of the matter.

Kichan Buhari, the prime accused in the case has narrated to the team that, he was tortured with electric shocks to several parts of his body, including his private parts to implicate Kerala’s PDF leader Abdul Nazer Madani as the kingpin behind the blast. Abdul Nazer Madani is currently lodged in a Bangalore prison for his alleged involvement in the 2008 Bangalore serial blasts and 2010 Bangalore stadium bombing case. Several rights organisations have alleged that his incarceration is based on spurious grounds and is politically motivated. In 2006 the Kerala assembly also passed a unanimous resolution seeking the release of Abdul Nazer Madani, on “humanitarian” grounds.

The report also alleges that Buhari, who has previously served 10 years in prison in connection with the 1998 Coimbatore blast case, is also being pressurised to give up his efforts to provide legal assistance to those falsely implicated in that case.

Another accused Peer Mohideen has told that he was tortured to falsely admit the involvement of one Police Fakrudeen, Banna Ismail and Bilal Malik in the blast case; however, as he had never seen these people before, he refused to comply. Subsequently, Peer Mohideen himself was implicated as an accused.

“The erstwhile BJP government and the police machinery hand in glove with the Tamil Nadu police spun a banned outfit organisation’s erstwhile members, who are actively fighting for justice in the appeal before the Apex Court pertaining to the bomb blast occurred in 1998 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The police also conveniently fixed the absconding accused as Muslims in Tamil Nadu to be perpetrators of the crime. The arrested persons are totally innocents and they have been falsely implicated and incarcerated in this case by invoking the UAPA act (Draconian Terrorist Act),” alleges NCHRO.

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