Bengaluru jail authorities denied treatment to Madani: Soukya Hospital MD

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Bengaluru jail authorities denied treatment to Madani: Soukya Hospital MDKarnataka, January 05, 2013: Dr Issac Mathai, the Medical Director of Soukya International Holistic Health Centre at Bangaluru today stated that the jail authorities at Bangaluru Parappana Agrahara jail were not ready to bring back Madani for follow-up treatments in the hospital, despite his continuous requests on that regard.

In June 2011, Madani was given 28 days ayurvedic treatment from the hospital on Supreme Court directions and I had asked the jail authorities to bring him back to the hospital considering his deteriorating health state, but the jail authorities, never brought him back, said Dr Isaac.

Dr Isaac says that there was considerable improvement in Madani’s health state after undergoing Ayurvedic treatment there for around 28 days. The Doctors at the hospital says that the jail authorities since then took an extremely indifferent attitude towards his follow-up treatment on discharging him from the hospital on July 5, 2011.

The discharge summary given by the medical team had advised that, he should be brought to the hospital for consultation on a monthly basis, even when the health conditions are believed to be better.

The other important advice given by the hospital in the discharge summary sheet was that he should be brought back to the hospital after six months for continued treatment. It has been almost one and half years since then and the jail authorities haven’t even taken him to the Soukya hospital at least once.

Dr Issac says that he had sent letter to the jail authorities saying that they are ready to provide treatment for Madani from the jail if they are reluctant to take him to the hospital, but for that too the jail authorities didn’t respond. We were ready to send our expert doctors to the jail, but that request too went unheard, says the Soukya MD.

If the follow up treatments were provided on time, it could have improved his health state. But what we came to know from the medical report submitted to us yesterday is that, he is in an extremely critical state, pointed out the Kerala based Medical expert.

Still we express our willingness to give a try, by providing the right treatment under the directions of cardiologists, diabetologists, and eye specialists along with Ayurvedic experts at our hospital and hope for some improvement from this life threatening state, he said.

He said that the hospital has arranged all facilities for Madani’s treatment and what is now required is a positive nod from the jail authorities.

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