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Bharatiya Dalit ChurchTo preach good news to the Dalits (Luke 4: 18)

Bharatiya Dalit Church (BDC) is committed to preach good news to the Dalits who are socially outcastes and economically poor.

Our Vision: Our vision is to preach to Gospel to the Dalits who are the so-called untouchables who are Constantly rejected, persecuted, shamed and driven to the fringes of the society and to restore their identity as the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).

We try to present to the Dalits the historical Jesus as one who shared this brokenness or the Dalitness. Jesus is a true Dalit because he suffered rejection, mockery, contempt, torture and death. He not only shared the brokenness of Dalits 2000 years ago but he does so here and now in the day to day lives of the Dalits. His promise of being with us until the end of time is an assurance of his continued sharing in our Dalitness.

Jesus in his ministry totally identified himself with the Dalits of his time by serving the Samaritan Dalits whole heartedly. The dominant religious leaders of his day accused him of eating and drinking with dalits, publicans, tax collectors and sinners (MK. 2:15-16). Jesus’s attitude towards the people, the society was considered as outcastes activities (The Samaritans and women of his society could fit into this category), his mixing with them freely, his table fellowship with them demonstrated powerfully that he loved and cared for them – the Dalits. Thus he totally identifies with the Dalits of his time and continues to identify in our times.

Our Hope: The Resurrection is the tremendous sign of hope for the Dalits that they could in fact realize their dream of equality and justice. The risen Jesus is still with them encouraging them and strengthening them to continue their fight against injustice and oppression. By rising from the dead, Jesus proved that death is not the last word; evil and injustice cannot and will not have  the final victory. This gives hope to the Dalits that their struggle against injustice and oppression is not a lost battle. They will see the light of day. They will be able to rise with Jesus to a more human existence.

Our Dream: Our dream is to create a casteless society envisaged by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar where all are equal which is the kingdom of God preached by Jesus. Here women and men of good will irrespective of their caste and colour as one human family will work together to realise this dream.

Means-Restoration: Our mean is by restoring and regaining the lost identity, rich history and culture of the Dalits in an exclusive Indian Dalit way based on core Christian ethics and values.

– s. arockiyadoss


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