Bibles and church contents burned in Karnataka attack

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Karnataka, September 22,2017: A Church in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka was broken into and all the items inside the Church set ablaze including sacred sacraments and Bibles by some unidentified miscreants just before midnight of 17 September.

The burnt Bibles and literatures

“Around midnight some people came and informed me that my Church is set on fire from inside,” said Pastor Vaddar Nagaraja, 38, who leads the Shalom Assembly of God, located in village B G Kere, Molakalmuru Taluk of the district.

“On reaching the spot, I found out that all the items inside the Church were gathered at various corners and set on fire intentionally. By the time I reached, everything had turned to ashes,” said a traumatized Pastor Vaddar Nagaraja in an interview with Global Christian News.

All the furniture, Bibles, literature and valuables worth one lakh six thousand Rupees (1630 USD) were burnt.

“An Amplifier, a home theatre, 24 chairs, 3 music and PA systems, a DVD player, 4 mikes, 40 Bibles, 150 DVD cassettes, sacred sacraments used for distributing Holy Communion, all the ceiling fans and valuable paintings lied in heaps of rubble on the floor,” said Nagaraja.

There were no CCTV cameras fitted inside or outside the Church he informed.

“We never felt the need of the cameras as we have a very cordial relationship with all the people in the neighborhood and I have been running this Church for the past three years in this locality and never faced a problem,” said Nagaraja.

Nagaraja church met originally by n his own home until he built the church building with the support of Assemblies of God Churches.

150 people are regular members of this Church.

A First Information Report was registered by Nagaraja in the local police station on 18 September.

“The police have provided security to the Church during the nights since then but no arrests have taken place,” said Nagaraja.

Hinduism is the majority religion in state of Karnataka with 84.00 per cent of followers. Islam is second most popular religion in state of Karnataka with approximately 12.92 per cent following it. In Karnataka state, Christianity is followed by 1.87 per cent, Jainism by 0.72 per cent, Sikhism by 0.05 per cent and Buddhism by 0.05 per cent. Around 0.02 per cent stated ‘Other Religion’, approximately 0.27 per cent stated ‘No Particular Religion’.

– global christian news

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