Bihar private minority schools demand RTE amendment

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Bihar private minority schools Bihar demand RTE amendmentBihar, November 28, 2011: “On the initiative of several Muslim organizations and individuals, Central Government has amended some sections of Right to Education Act (RTE) which were clashing with Article 29 & 30 of Constitution of India which give guarantee to the minority to establish and run their own educational institutes. But Nitish Kumar-led Bihar Government implemented RTE with controversial sections which is a severe threat to private schools” said Abdul Qayyum Ansari, Secretary of Anjuman Traqqi Urdu Bihar. He was speaking at a seminar on ‘Problems of private minority schools and RTE’ which was organized by Anjuman Traqqi Urdu Bihar in collaboration with All India Minority Educational Board and Federation of Muslim Educational Institutes on 27th Nov. at Urdu Bhawan in Patna.

Mr. Ansari lashed out at Bihar Government for issuing notification to all private schools to get registered with the government by 30th Nov. 2011 otherwise be ready for paying fine of Rs. 10000 per day. “I am warning Bihar government to implement amended version of RTE and not to try to interfere with the fundamental right of minority community, otherwise I will file case in High Court and drag Bihar government on the issue” he said adding “We will not register our schools with the government until it implements amended RTE Act.”

Notably, Abdul Qayyum Ansari is one of those who filed case with National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI) against several articles of RTE Act. The NCMEI gave judgment in the favour of Mr. Ansari which was accepted by Central Government. For example, amending in Article 2(n) of RTE, the Central Government said that Madarsas and religious institutions which are imparting religious education will not come under the ambit of RTE. Moreover, in Article 5 of amended RTE Act, the government instructed state governments that while implementing RTE the facilities should not be snatched from minority institutions that they get under Articles 29& 30 of Constitution of India. But while issuing notification Bihar Government ignored all these things.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Nazir Ahmad, Director of Al-Hira Public School, Patna pointed out that according to RTE Act all schools need to be registered with government and they must have 2 acre land and if they do not have they should get it within 3 years. Otherwise schools will be shut down. “This will lead to shutting down of thousands of schools in the state because there are many which are being run in small places and many others which are run in rented house. So from where they will get 2 acre land to function school?” he added. Mr. Shahid Hassan, director of Al-Mahad Ayesha Siddiqa, Motihari, expressed his concern over several sections of RTE. “I Think the present form of ATE Act is an attempt to shut down private schools and hand over the education to multinational companies because the conditions for schools can be fulfilled only by big industries and not a common man. Like economic zones, schools will be run by these companies and process of that already started.”

In his speech, Dr. Jagannath Mishra, former Chief Minister of Bihar, said: “I appreciate and welcome RTE Act but there many faults that should be corrected otherwise it is going to shut down educational institutions thus depriving many people of education instead of opening the door of education for them.” He further said: “I am in favour of registration but not with unnecessary conditions. Because it is duty of government to provide education to all citizens and private schools are helping government in this regard. So, they should be registered with the government and government should give all kinds of assistance without interfering with management.” Dr. Mishra also said that there should be special concentration on quality of education because it is need of the time. He assured all kind of help on his part. “I request Abdul Qayyum Ansari sahib to prepare a list of the issues and problems being faced by minority educational institutions, I will go with you to Chief Minister, state HRD minister and if needed the central HRD Minister.”

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