Bijapur: Christian family chased out for following Christ

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Karnataka, August 30, 2013: Christian Family Chased out of the Village for following Christ in Karnataka

Anti-Christian attacksBasavana Bagevadi, Bijapur Dt., Mr. Somashekar, 55, originally belonged to a Lambani caste of the Hindu community and now he lives in a Thanda, (Thanda is a Lambani settlement), at Nedugundhi Thanda Village, along with his wife Mrs. Kusumabai, 48, and their 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys. Among the 30 Lambani families in that village, his is the only Christian family living in their midst. Mr. Somashekar is an Auto-driver and as a firm believer in the Lord, both he and his wife spread the word of God, distribute tracts, take people to church after sharing the gospel in the area. He keeps doing this wherever he goes while driving his auto. For Sunday worship service he and his family members attend a Church named Sadamala Swami AG Church, which is about 35 kms away from their house in Almattti, Basavana Bagevadi Taluk, Bijapur District of North Karnataka. Pastor Thukaram is the pastor in charge of the church.

On 3rd August 2013, between 6.30 – 7.30 pm, while they were in a neighbor’s house in Nedugundhi village sharing the gospel and praying for them, suddenly about 50 Hindu radicals attacked them. They pulled them out from that house and badly beat them up pulling their hair and also their clothes forcing them to reconvert themselves to Hinduism. They also abused Mrs. Kusumabhai using very filthy language and warned them not to go to church or share the gospel to anyone in that area. They also ordered them not to live in that village if they continued to be Christians. But since they refused to heed to the Hindu radicals, they were chased out and banned from that village as they persisted with their belief in Lord Jesus.

The Hindu radicals did not leave them at that. They also filed a false case of forcible conversion against them in the Nedugundhi Police Station. Somashekar and Kusunma bai have also filed a case against the Hindu radicals against the attack on them as well as seeking protection for their lives as well as for their property. As a result of all this there is lot of tension in the place and there is a possibility of anything happening at any time. Pastor Thukaram got in touch with them as soon as he came to know about the incident. The GCIC is also in touch with them as well as the police officers. The Police have given the necessary protection to them and has also arranged for the family to go back to the village and live in their house. The legal advisor and the Bijapur coordinator would be shortly travelling to the place to study the actual situation personally. Please for Somashekar and Kusumabai.


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