Pune: Bishop’s school seeks police help after threats

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Pune, June 11, 2012: Political groups have threatened protest in front of the school on June 12.

Bishop’s School in Pune has sought police’s help during admissions in view of threats from political groups.

“We have been repeatedly receiving threats of protests, strikes and break-ins into the school from many political groups in order to pressurise during admissions,” said Frank Freese, the school principal.

He said that the groups refuse to understand the fact that the schools has only limited number of seats.

“We cannot take in students after our admissions are closed. We give priority to students on a first-come first-serve merit basis,” he added.

The groups have threatened protest on June 12, officials said.

Senior inspector Sushma Chavan said the school has orally informed the police and not no formal complaint has been lodged.

Freese said if the situation does not improve, they will get in touch with other city schools and hold peaceful protests.

“We will hold a peace protest instead of resorting to violence and threats to tell people about the problems that we’re facing,” he said.

– expressindia

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