Tamil Nadu Bishop withdraws remarks on “Hindu terrorists”

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He clarified that it was a slip of tongue.

Bishop M. Prakash with Chief MinisterTamil Nadu, April 17, 2013: Bishop M. Prakash ran into trouble by saying that Hindu terrorists were objecting to the construction of churches.

However, he withdrew his remarks, clarifying that it was a slip of tongue.

Bishop Prakash, who is also the chairman of Tamil Nadu minorities commission, was speaking at a press conference in Udhagamandalam.

He retracted his words after some electronic media persons played his recorded voice and said that his statement would have serious repercussions if it was published or telecast.

Realising that, he defended himself, saying that he referred to Hindu fanatics and not terrorists.

Talking about issues related to construction of places of worship by minorities, he said persons belonging to ‘Hindu terrorist party’ and ‘Hindu terrorists’ were always objecting to the construction of religious places by minorities, while minorities do not make any such objections when temples come up.

Clarifying his statement, he said, “I am a Christian but most of my relatives are Hindus. I respect all religions. During my visit to various districts, Christians complained that Hindu fanatics are objecting and blocking the construction of churches.”

The bishop said that Christians also complained that Vinayakar temples are being constructed everywhere, but it is difficult to get permission to construct churches and mosques.

“It is the voice of the Christians and not mine. Hence I ask Collectors and superintendents of police to permit the construction of churches in Tamil Nadu,” he said.

While the bishop fumbled, the mediapersons asked him whether his remarks about “Hindu terrorists” could be recorded as such while some others asked him whether he wanted to touch upon religious fanaticism.

The bishop said he was withdrawing his remarks on “Hindu terrorists” and that it was a slip of the tongue. He added that he did not intend to hurt the feelings of Hindus as many in his own family members were still Hindus though he converted to Christianity.

– indian express / deccan chronicle

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