BJP shouldn’t indulge in empty rhetoric: Goa Church official

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Panaji, August 31, 2017: A Church official in Goa Wednesday dismissed a charge made by a BJP spokesperson that the Church tried to polarise the pre-poll atmosphere.

The official also asked the government not to make empty allegations against the religious institution.

Speaking to reporters here, Maverick Fernandes, Director of Caritas – Goa, a charity arm of the Church, said that the ruling party should come out with a point-to-point rebuttal of the Church’s fact-finding report that claimed the state police probe into a desecration series was a sham.

“Our report has been based on analysis, based on interviews of people at the grassroots level and it is based on a very studied, professional way of functioning. Empty statements of polarisation cannot belittle the well-studied report,” Fernandes said.

Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Nilesh Cabral had yesterday accused the Goa Church’s official magazine and a fact-finding report by the Church-backed NGO of trying to polarise the atmosphere ahead of the August 23 bypoll.

“Attempts were being made to polarise society before the elections… Who is the fact-finding committee and who gave authority to the fact finding mission? It was wrong to try to polarise the votes,” Cabral had said, while asking the Church to “tone-down” the language of the content in its official magazine ‘Renovacao’ which linked contemporary India to Nazi Germany.

Fernandes said that those who make allegations against the Church, should logically provide a rebuttal for the points made out in the fact-finding report.

“You have to come out with very straightforward rebuttal of every point that has been made. Empty statements cannot be considered as a rebuttal,” Fernandes said.


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