BJP worker killed while making bomb in Kerala; police recovers swords from house

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Kerala, August 22, 2016: A 27-year-old Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) worker died when a bomb which he was allegedly making exploded at his residence at Kottayampoil village near Kuthuparamba in Kannur district.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening at around 7.30 pm. The house was partially damaged in the explosion. Police identified the killed bomb maker as Deekshith. He was a known BJP worker in the locality.

Following the explosion, Thalassery DySP Prince Abraham searched the house and recovered six swords and one knife kept inside the house. The house was then sealed by the police.

Police suspect that the explosion occurred while he was assembling the bomb. Deekshith was alone in the house when the mishap took place. He was seriously injured in the blast and died while being rushed to a hospital, police sources said. They added that the roof of the house where he was making the bomb was destroyed in the blast.

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One Response to “BJP worker killed while making bomb in Kerala; police recovers swords from house”
  1. jonah says:

    Most RSS Bakths and supporters say India is great but are busy polishing shoes of Muslims or Christians in Arab or europe countries fro where they fund the Bajrangis and Godse of India to cause internal division and break up India. ISIS did same and see what happened to Syria, Egypt, Pak, Libya. As they sow, they reap…Karmam Phalam…in their 1 crore rebirths as Talibans? . India will go ISIS way if they continue this spreading of lies, hatred, gossip and trying to find faults and drowning in past glory….their future will be drowned like ISIS countries. Hitler also tried and did well to develop Germany but he had to face his karma…he believed in Aryans and Swastik and what not…lies destroyed many innocent lives but whole of Germany was forced to pay. This applies to all countries which spread lies to feed own desires.
    Also, is there any guarantee that of the 1 crore rebirths that they believe in, there is any chance that they won’t be reborn as Christians or ISIS or Taliban. They too will be doing the same evil if born in that group….and going to Hell.

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