Book on Church Public Relations Released

Book On Church Public Relations Authored By Fr. Anand Muttungal

Fr. Anand Muttungal

Madhya Pradesh, October 19, 2011: Probably the first Indian Book on Church Public Relations authored by Fr. Anand Muttungal was released at a function organized at Pastoral Centre in Bhopal. The book was released by Madhya Pradesh Regional Catholic Bishops Council Chairman, Archbishop Dr. Leo Cornelio and National President of Conference of Diocesan Priests of India, Fr. Dr. Francis Scaria. 

Speaking on the occasion Archbishop Dr. Leo Cornelio praising the efforts of the author said, “This book is milestone in the special ministry of Public Relations in the Catholic Church. It has dealt with many aspects Public Relations in relation to Catholic Church and its ministries.” Fr. Dr. Francis Scaria said, “ It is a very creative attempt to conscientize and educate people on how to spread the Gospel through public relations in an increasingly communally polarized world.”

The book is said to be the first book on Church Public Relations written by a Church personal in the Country. It is around two hundred and sixty pages.  It provides techniques to become a good public communicator, writing complaints officials, dealing with people in solving problems, functioning of the Indian administrative system, different issues related to media and how to deal with them and the troubles to Church and its personal, how priests, nuns and Bishops can use public relations to spread the message of Christ. It also deals with public relations in relation to various institutions and services offered by the Church.  The book is published by the Media Publishing House, New Delhi. It provides techniques to deal with various problems related to religious organizations, social, political, administrative, legal matters, legally challenging the media etc. It is of 265 pages and the cost is 240/

The author of the book Fr. Anand Muttungal said, “ the book has dealt with various aspects of the Public Relations from the point of Missiology. Church P R is the systematic way of relationship building for the sake of mission. And every section of the missionaries has something worth reading in the book. I wish that all those involved in the mission read and take advantage of the book.” There are other books by the same author, such as 
“Application of the Special Constitutional Provisions on Minority Schools” written by Fr. Anand Muttungal : This book is both in English and Hindi. It provides Special Constitutional Rights for Minorities in India and different Court judgments and its applications for the Minority run educational institutions. This book can be used to create awareness among the parents-teachers, officials, leaders and activists. In Madhya Pradesh we are offering it to all above mentioned persons as gifts.  It is a hand book containing 50 pages. The cost is Rs. 50/- only.

“Is Conversion A Grace From God Or A Punishment By Law” written by Fr. Anand Muttungal: It provides all the Anti-conversion Laws existing in the Country and its applications and implications in the missions. Various judgments of Courts and opinions of  Judges and experts too are added. It also suggests ways to carry out Conversions as per the Indian Law. It can be used by all those involved in the missions. The book is of 152 pages costing Rs. 130/-

For copies contact:

Mr. A Francis                                                                                         
In-charge of Publications,
VK Institute for Human Research and Development
Seva Sadan, Tulsi Nagar , Bhopal 462003, M.P

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