Britons being trained for jihad in Syria

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Omar Bakri

Omar Bakri

UK, November 25, 2012: Four British extremists are being trained to fight a jihad or holy war in Syria and Palestine, according to their trainer, a Syria-born hate preacher who has been banned from Britain.

The Britons are being trained at a camp run by 52-year-old Omar Bakri, The Sun reported.

Bakri has boasted of his military-style courses for Islamic fanatics on Syria’s border with Lebanon.

He said one British recruit was a computer programmer in his 20s from London, while another was a Midlands-based IT worker.

“Of the four, two of them have Syrian connections. But they are all born in Britain and have professional backgrounds. After their training they will do their duty of jihad (holy war) in Syria and maybe Palestine,” he told the daily.

Bakri came to Britain in 1986 and stayed till 2005. He had reportedly praised the 9/11 terror attacks.

The cleric also claimed to have trained many fighters from other countries, including Germany and France.

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