Building A Home

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Building A HomeThe walls of a house are not made of wood, brick or stone, but of truth and loyalty.

Unpleasant sounds, the friction of living, the clash of personalities are not deadened by Persian rugs or polished floors, but by conciliation, concession and self-control.

The house is not a structure where bodies meet, but a hearthstone upon which flames mingle separate flames of souls which, the more perfectly they unite, the more clearly they shine and the straighter they rise toward Heaven.

Your house is your fortress in a warring world, where a woman’s hand buckles on your armour in the morning and soothes your fatigue and wounds at night.

The beauty of a house is harmony.

The security of a house is loyalty.

The joy of a house is love.

The plenty of a house is in children.

The rule of a house is service.

The comfort of a house is in contented spirits.

The maker of a house, a real human house, is God Himself, the same One who made the stars and built the world.

– Emmanuel Baptist News

Building A Home

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