Card. Gracias: The Church is always an agent of reconciliation and peace in India

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Mumbai, August 16, 2016: We are so proud of our country, we all journey onward, towards development and progress, each citizen has a role to play. On our 70th Independence Day, we give thanks to God, that the Catholic Church of India continues to play an integral part in nation building as well as building up of a human community of freedom and fellowship, equality and justice.. The Catholic Church has been building up the Indian nation and has significantly contributed toward the progress of our beloved nation.

The contribution of the Catholic Church in the field of education, health care and various social, political and cultural upbringing in India is unique and without discrimination of caste and creed. Responding to the need of the time the Catholic Church of India the Church has been able to promote human dignity and life.

Statistics reveal that 85 percent of the health care institutions run by Church in India are in the rural villages where the Church has been selflessly serving the poorest of the poor and reaching the unreached, with a non negotiable respect for life and regard for Christian ethical principles and a holistic outlook on health.

Indian Christians also took part during the Swadeshi Movement (1905), the Non-Co-operation Movement (1920), the Civil Disobedient Movement (1930) and Quit India Movement (1942). Indian Christian presence in the freedom struggle was being made felt at the national level as well as regional local level. They were able to establish their credentials as freedom fighters at state and regional level

In our 70th Independence Day, on the Feast of the Assumption, in this Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy is a great time for the Church too, in many different States, we are celebrating Centenaries, in Mumbai,(Maharashtra) St Andrew’s Church, Bandra is celebrating 400 years as a Parish, in Goa, the Holy Spirit Church, Margao celebrating 500 years, and in Chennai, Our Lady of Light Church commonly called Luz Church is Celebrating 500 years, this is truly a Gift of God to celebrate these centenaries in our beloved motherland.

Importantly, in our 70th year of Independence ,Bl Mother Teresa –a naturalised citizen- will be cannonisation, and Indian government welcomed the cannonisation and is participating in the by sending a high powered delegation for the cannonisaion.

India is a multi religious and pluri-cultural country. Such diversity is its divinely bestowed blessing and grace. The Church’s mission in this context calls for it to be a truly dialogical community. The dialogical mission of the Church also implies that it becomes an agent of reconciliation and peace among the various groups. mutual misunderstanding, hatred, discord and discrimination could be opposed, and we could together build up a nation with justice, peace and harmony

The Act of Consecration of the Archdiocese of Bombay to the Immaculate Heart of Mary includes this prayer :

On the Solemnity of the Assumption we come before you on the 70th Anniversary of our Nationa’s Independence to intercede for our beloved Motherland before the throne of Almighty God that His peace may reign on our nation and that the people of India may live in harmony within the diversity of cultures, customs and beliefs and help us all to live as loyal citizens united under the same national banner and as children of the loving Father who is in heaven.

God Bless India.

– asianews

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