Card. Gracias: We vote to serve and build a better India

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Cardinal Oswald GraciasMumbai, 24 April, 2014: The Archbishop of Mumbai went to the polls this morning, during the sixth phase of the general elections of 2014. To do so, he postponed his trip to Rome. He tells AsiaNews: “Jesus was clear about religious authority and the civil power, it is our duty as citizens to get involved in civil matters” for the good of society.

The sixth phase of the 2014 general elections are being held today in India: one of the most important, because among the targeted districts, there is also that of Mumbai, the most populous city in the country with over 18 million inhabitants. Voters who went to the polls this morning, included Card. Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai. He spoke to AsiaNews about the meaning of today’s vote for himself and for the nation, because “as Christians we must serve and work to build a better society”.

It is a great responsibility to exercise our franchise, and hence I postponed my trip to Rome, I prayed as I caste my vote, prayed for our great nation, prayed for the Mission of the Church in India, prayed for the citizens of our beloved motherland, and prayed for the next elected government.

Jesus was clear about Religious authority and Civil power, and it is our bounden duty as citizens to be involved in civic affairs, to serve and work for a better society.  As Christians, we have to actively contribute to nation building, the Catholic Church for hundreds of years, has been selflessly serving the peoples without discrimination.

For tens of hundreds of years, through our Apostolates of Education and Health and Welfare, the Church has been serving the nation, in the most remotest rural areas of our country, serving tirelessly the poor and the marginalized and dispossessed, -only to work for the uplift and development of all peoples, and we work silently and without discrimination, that is why the Government census reveals our Christians as 2.3% in 2011 and 2.4 % in 2001.

Our Apostolate is service to nation building. I felt an immense sense of peace, as I caste my vote, and tremendously proud of our democracy. India is the largest democracy in the world with 814 million people voting in different phases, this is a matter of immense pride, that such a huge percentage of humanity exercises its votes in a peaceful manner; we are a model to the world in the exercise of our choosing the government.

God Bless Our Great Nation!!

– asianews

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