Caritas bids farewell to outgoing team & welcomes new leaders

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New Delhi, May 2, 2012: April 30 was an occasion of great significance for Caritas India as it commemorated the day to acknowledge the remarkable contribution rendered by its management team.

The program began with a Holy Mass presided over by Bishop Peter Remigius, outgoing Chairman and concelebrated by Bishop Lumen Monteiro, Chairman Caritas India, Bishop Jacob Mar Barnabas, Fr. Victor D’Souza, Fr. Varghese Mattamana, Fr. Frederick D’Souza, Fr. Paul Moonjely and several priests.

Several participants including advisory board members of Caritas India, Secretaries of the CBCI Offices, staff of CBCI and Caritas, priests and religious from the archdiocese, and well wishers were present for the occasion. The programme christened “Honouring the Faithful Shepherds”, highlighted the efforts and contributions rendered by the outgoing Chairman and Director.

Archbishop Albert D’Souza, Secretary General, CBCI, in his message said each individual is a faithful servant and as Caritas we need to carry the mantle of service to address the needs of the poor.

Fr. Victor D’Souza, Vicar General of Delhi Archdiocese in his message emphasised that Caritas India must go beyond service, mobilising its local resources and be a catalyst in the field of social development.

Bishop Peter Remigius, the outgoing Chairman in his speech advocated the need for selfless love to add value to the service towards nation building.

The new Chairman of Caritas India Bishop Lumen Monteiro, reiterated that Caritas India should be a link for the poor that works earnestly, innovates and reaches out to the people at large.

Caritas India family bid farewell to Fr. Varghese and Bishop Peter Remegius by presenting them shawls and mementos and welcomed Bishop Lumen Monteiro, Fr. Frederick D’Souza, and Fr. Paul Moonjely as they embark upon a new journey towards transforming lives of the marginalised.

Fr Victor D’Souza, Vicar General of Delhi Archdiocese in his homily said, “We call ourselves ‘Caritas India’ and from the Gospel passage we have heard the Lord is telling us without mincing words, “This is my commandment, love one another as I have loved you. I choose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit and that fruit should last.”

Foreign aid might stop but our love has to continue in some way or another. If not we will remain closed as empty ration shops- distributing agencies who are neither touched by the sacrifice of the donor nor affected by the hunger of the starving.

In the introductory prayer of the Mass we referred to the “scandal of hunger.” To be hungry is no scandal. Scandal is to allow someone to continue to starve, to allow the food to rot in the godowns, to allow an army of rodents to invade the national and state storage places. This is the sickness, greed, indifference, unconcern etc. Hunger is only the symptom; failure to make the food reach the needy ones is the real scandal.

Sometimes we make so much noise in distributing something for which we have not slogged and sweated. We make so much fuss in doling out money or material we have not earned. Then what is out contribution to the whole work in which so many people are involved?

Are we able to replace all this precious stuff earned by someone else’s sweat with what is typically ours, ‘Caritas’ – the love, not ours but Christ’s. Can we let all these things float in the love of Christ through our medium and reach the really deserving ones? That is our contribution. Not because we are not able to contribute anything else because there is plenty of wealth in India and in the very Christian or Catholic community.

We suffer from poverty of spirit, generosity of a large heart and the love of Christ. Let us deepen in our hearts these values first, and then there will be abundance within our reach at all times and everywhere.

– cbci

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