Hindu Fundamentalists disturb a prayer meeting in MP

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Madhya PradeshMadhya Pradesh, February 19, 2013: Pastor Iliyas Buck, 40, belongs to India Campus Crusade for Christ and is involved with its Church Planting Ministry. On 18-02-2013, Monday morning, he was conducting a Prayer Meeting and Bible Study in the residence of a believer named Hiralal in a village called Roshni, about 40 kilometres from the Khandwa Railway Station in Madhya Pradesh.

As the prayer meeting was in progress, at about 12:00 a.m. 9 RSS and Bajrang Dal activists barged into the meeting place and began to disturb the meeting at about 12.00 noon. They straight went to the pastor and began arguing with him for about half an hour falsely alleging him that he is trying to forcibly convert Hindus to Christianity. Then they sent for the police from the Roshni Police Station, who immediately came and began arguing and objecting to Pastor’s prayer meeting and forcible conversion of Hindus.

The pastor told the police that it was a prayer meeting and bible study programme of the believers and that they were not trying to forcibly convert anybody to Christianity as alleged.However, the police who were not convinced with pastor’s explanations took Pastor Iliyas, and 3 believers, Hiralal, Vishram and Sunder to the police station and kept them in the police lock up. After a prolonged inquiry into the incident and a video recording of the whole thing, they were released at about 10:30 in the night. When they were let out, they were also ordered that they must come to the police station whenever they are sent for. Please pray for them.

– persecution.in

MP: Minority institutions exempt from online admissions

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Madhya Pradesh, April 30, 2012: Christians had alleged the move would hijack the constitutional rights of minority institutions to function without government interference.

A Christian group in Madhya Pradesh has appreciated the state government for agreeing to their demand to exempt minority-run higher education institutions from online admission process.

“It is a welcome step as it shows that the government is concerned about minorities,” said Father Anand Muttungal, co-ordinator of Isai Mahasangh (Christian Front).

The state government had Saturday reviewed the matter and passed the order exempting the minority-run unaided and autonomous institutions from online admission procedure.

Unaided institutions are those which run without any financial help from government.

A delegation of the Mahasangh had last week met state Governor Ram Naresh Yadav after the government made it mandatory for higher education institutions to adopt online admission process.

The group had also met state Higher Education Minister Laxmikant Sharma regarding the matter.

Threatening legal action against the government, the group members had alleged that the move would hijack the constitutional rights of minority institutions to function without government interference.

According to the earlier policy, students had to apply online and opt for colleges listed by the higher education department. The government would then select the appropriate college for the student.

Students and colleges would have no power to decide for themselves under the policy.

Father Muttungal said that the officials’ lack of knowledge about the minority rights seemed to have created the present crisis.

He said that the Indian Constitution allows religious minority communities to set up and run their educational institutions without state interference.

The delegation had also alleged that the government did not consult the minority community before making such policies.

– ucan

AP: Church pastor murdered *MP: Easter Mahotsav celebrated with Gusto

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Andhra Pradesh, April 04, 2012: A 35-year-old church pastor was brutally murdered by unidentified persons who slit his throat with a sharp-edged weapon at Jerrela village of GK Veedhi mandal in the district, in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Police said, S Dumbu alias Bingo, of Dumbriguda mandal, settled as church pastor in Jerrela a few years ago. His wife Janaki is living with him, while their sons are studying at Chintapalle village.

In the early hours of Tuesday, a masked man knocked door of Dumbu’s house and told him that Maoists were waiting for him to discuss an issue. A hesitant Dumbu left with the masked man, while Janaki stayed back home. A few minutes later, the masked man came back to Dumbu’s house and informed Janaki that the Maoists killed the pastor reportedly for his irregularities in the maintenance of church. He also tried to molest her and fled with `2,500. The police suspect the involvement of 3 locals.

– expressbuzz

MP: Easter Mahotsav celebrated with Gusto


Madhya Pradesh, April 10, 2012: The Bhopal Christian community celebrated Easter Mahotsav with various cultural programmes at Bitton Market Dasara Maidan in Bhopal. It is being organized by all Christian denominations together. Around five thousand people have participated in the programme. The programme is being organised by Bhopal Christian Utsav Samiti (BCUS), a department of Isai Mahasangh.

The programme was addressed by Babulal Gaur, Minister for Urban Development, M.P, Archbishop Leo Cornelio of Bhopal, C E Fernandez, a leading Christian Industrialist, various socio-political and religious leaders too participated in the programme. 

Fr. Anand Muttungal the Coordinator of the BCUS said, “it is the celebration of the joy of the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ with whole society. We are happy that people of all religion, faith and cast can take part in the programme.”  The chief gusts in this programme included UDA minister, Babulal Gaur, The Archbishop of Bhopal, Dr. Leo Cornelio and Mr. C E Fernandez. The President of Bhopal hristian Utsav Samiti, Pastor C.P Sing said that we had organized various cultural programmes for entertainment. Stalls of different types of food will be also available.

Cultural Programme-Laughter artists Laxman Nepali, mimicry artist, Pravindra Mastan and chalta phirta orchestra artist Jagan Vidyarthi and Kailash Sony too performed. Along with this famous Christian Bhajan Gayika Sister Pushpanjli and Anusha Elizabeth presented devotional hymns. Christian orchestra, Living Stones and filmy orchestra (Viva Music) also performed various popular songs to cheer the hearts of the audience. ‘Fast Forward Troop’ presented Western and Indian dance.

Treasurer of the BCUS Roy John Thatta Said, “All the participants enjoyed various food stalls arranged for the people. Children had special arrangements of magic show, kat puthali show, folk singing etc. A special lucky draw was taken for all participants , first prize is Colour Television, second prize Electric Hot Plate, third prize DVD Player and fifty consolation prizes too were distributed to winners.”

Award Function- The chairman of Samman Samaroh Samiti, Mattew Abraham said that our jury selected and awarded Dr. Sunita Lawrence with Fr. Moore Memorial Education Award, Pastor Dr. Mattew Vergese with Archbishop Eugene D’souza Memorial Religious Achievement Award, Janab Quazi Ammanulla with Jawaharlal Nehru Secular Award and Sr. Clara Animotil with Mother Teresa Social Service Award. We selected them for their excellent service to the entire humanity.

The Members of organizing committee of BCUS, welcomed all the participants.

– fr. anand muttungal, coordinator, bcus

Secular NGOs fight communalism *Glorious Easter Concert

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Madhya Pradesh, March 24, 2012: Rashtriya Secular Forum (RSF), held two days meeting at NITTTR Mani Memorial Hall, Bhopal, which roped in forty two Non- Governmental organizations working for Dalits, Women and Minorities. They have decided to fight violence let out against the weaker sections. Isai Mahasangh and People’s Research are the main partners which collaborated with RSF to organize the meeting.

Forum Convener L S Herdenia said, “In the recent times incidents of rapes, violence against Women, Minorities and Dalits have increased in Madhya Pradesh. We have decided to make a core team to take up issues related to them. We have created a helpline to extend support to people who are facing troubles.”

The meeting was addressed by former senior Government officers including Director General of Police SK Dillan, Man Daima IPS, Bageerath Prasad IAS, M N Buch IAS and secular activists, Ram Puniyani, Irfan Engineer, John Antony, Yogesh Diwan,  Deepak Butt, representing faith based organization, Fr. Anand Muttungal and Dr. Mubarak presented their views along with them Dalit Rights Activist Adv. Milind, women right activists Sandhya Shaily, Dr. NB Ruhi, Safiya Akhtar etc too spoke on the occasion.

Fr. Anand Muttungal said, “Isai Mahasangh has asked the RSF to organize a state wide conference on the issue of religious conversion and the accusation of forced conversion, we will also be inviting the fundamental organizations too. We will definitely expose the political agenda of these organizations. In Madhya Pradesh fundamental organizations are hand-in-glove with the police to tarnish the image of the Christian community of forced conversion. It is to be noted that they disrupt the prayer meeting and arrest people accusing attempt to convert people into Christianity.”

The organizers said that we have decided to launch a state core committee to monitor and help the organizations working for the rights of minorities, women and Dalits. We have brought them together under one platform. We will also associating many organizations in the coming days.

We will talk to political parties with secular ideologies to come together to face the communal political organizations and their allied organizations. We will also be launching a state wide campaign to make the Central Government to bring the Communal Violence Controlling Bill which was promised in the 2004 elections by the Congress Party. The meeting also decided to hold meetings in all divisional head quarters and district head quarters.

One of the main organizers Deepak Butt said, “Like previous times as the election comes near more violence will be taking place in Madhya Pradesh. We are getting ready to make people aware of the evil designs of communal forces which is against women, dalits and minorities.

It is the first time the secular organizations are coming together under one platform.

– john anthony

Glorious Easter Concerts Services


Glorious is a 65 member choir operating in and around Bangalore for the last 21 years. They have presented over 1000 concerts and have performed all over South India and also by invitation at the National Centre for Performing Arts –Tata Theatre, Mumbai. More than 1000 members have passed through the doors of Glorious who are now scattered across the globe. Glorious is privileged to announce


The Potter’s hand
Holy Saturday, 7th April, 2012, 6.30pm
In St Joseph’s Girls’ High School Hall, St John’s Road, Bangalore

Lead Me To The Rock
Easter Sunday, 8st April, 2012, 6.00pm 
In Koramangala Methodist Church

 – fwd: bg koshi

MP: House church disrupted and Christians arrested *She witnessed Jesus and He healed them

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Madhya Pradesh, March 17, 2012: Bajrang Dal activists stormed a house church in Multai, Betul District (Madhya Pradesh), accusing Rev Motilal Gujare of engaging in forced conversions. When the local police arrived, they arrested the clergyman and a member of his congregation, Prakash Masih, citing Section 298 of the Penal Code, which bans “Uttering words, etc., with deliberate intent” [. . .] of wounding the religious feelings of any person”.

She witnessed Jesus and He healed them


She Witnessed Jesus and He Healed ThemMadhya Pradesh, March 17, 2012: Since two decades I know a Doctor Nun who very well fits into a person’s imagination of a “GOOD NUN.” She even after serving lakhs patients in the past four decades believes that each healing is a miracle. She insists, ‘God can do miracle through doctors, provided they pray’. Her life as a doctor was treating patients with medicine and prayer.

Her dedication to the service was so much that she made herself available to patients day in and day out. Many times she did not even get proper rest but got up to join the morning prayers in the convent, despite the physical desire to sleep more. In the morning wake  up calls she often hears a voice telling, “It is a call for your soul, as a serious patient needs to your attention’ your soul needs to be recharged for the day, fill in as much as possible, you may not know when you will get time to sleep.” Then she rushes to the chapel. When her sighs reaches to the Lord, at times she hears the voice of the Lord, “What do you need more, I have given you good health and good people around you”. She replies to the Lord, “the gifts of good health and other things are meant the care those sick who comes to ‘me’ but heal those entrusted to my care.” She found the prayer time most precious than any other thing because through prayers she absorbed the Lord and His spirit. Looking at her life one could feel doubtless that it is her inner strength that keeps her going hearty and hale.

In her life as a Nun Doctor she worked in various administrative capacities even under her juniors without being out of place. She was well aware of her duties, never tried to step over the others. She extended maximum cooperation to all those whom she worked with.

It was all of a sudden one-day she felt exceptionally tired. She was taken to a hospital for medical checkup and the doctors found symptoms of cancer. Then she was referred to Mumbai. She went through many tests. The doctors said that they were not able to exactly say what sickness she was suffering from. They told her that her blood cells were getting decayed. She needed treatment. Being a doctor she knew that her case had no specific treatment. But as a nun, she knew that the Doctor of all doctors could heal her. She prayed to God to do one more miracle in her life. God did perform a miracle silently. After a few months of treatment again she underwent tests to find the status of her sickness. The doctors could not believe that she was completely well. They said it was a miracle.  She knew that her God healed her to continue her service.

Her name is known to most of the Christians in Bhopal. An ecumenical group honoured her with Mahila Ratn Award for her dedicated services recently. She was awarded for not just serving as a doctor but witnessing Christ to the society through her service. She showed that a consecrated person can take up any profession but should become a true professional in fulfilling the vow of witnessing to Jesus through the chosen profession. Sister Dr. Herman Joseph stood the test of the times to prove that she is a NUN DOCTOR!

– fr. anand muttungal

We encourage priests to join CDPI – Abp Leo Cornelio

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Regional Conference of Diocesan Priest, MPMadhya Pradesh, February 11, 2012: The four day general body meeting of the Conference of Diocesan Priests of India, Madhya Pradesh Chapter ended in Bhopal, Pastoral Centre with a clarion call of the Archbishop Dr. Leo Cornelio to all diocesan priests to join the CDPI. While addressing the meeting he said, “The past is over, common growth of the priests is very important to the very life of the Church. We, the bishops, will encourage all diocesan priests to join the CDPI. It is an association of priests that is meant to animate the communion of clergy and the common good of the Church… It is in line with the teachings of the Church.”

While responding to queries Bishop Chako, the Secretary of the Council of Catholic Bishops of MP said “There is no difference of opinion regarding the working of the CDPI. The priests and bishops speak in one voice – that we want CDPI to become a strong body to animate the Church. Bishops will work as fathers, brothers and friends of the priests”.

The statements of the Bishops is of added importance, given the long time face off on certain issues related to the life of clergy. Clergy in general has expressed happiness over the new relations that developed after this meeting. The meeting also appreciated the initiative of Bishop Chako for beginning the Clergy Personnel Board in the Indore diocese.

The meeting was also addressed by National & State President Fr. Dr. Francis Scaria, National Secretary Fr. Dr. John Kulandai, Bishop Deva Prasad Ganava of Jhabua diocese and priests from all over Madhya Pradesh and two observers from Chhattisgarh.

Fr. Dr. Francis Scaria expressed happiness over the welcome step initiated by the Archbishop Leo Cornelio and Bishops Council of Madhya Pradesh to strengthen the communion of diocesan clergy here. He said, “We are looking forward to this new sunrise. Every member of the organization must think of how to support each other to strengthen the Church. It is not just an organization, but a communion of the clergy to build the body of Christ.”

Meanwhile Fr. Dr. John Kulandai explained the purpose of CDPI. He said, “It is an organization designed to animate every priest to make a difference in being a priest. 

Bishop Deva Prasad Ganava said, “I am happy that in Jhabua diocese many priests are taking interest in CDPI, I look at it as an organization that helps priests to experience the communion of priestly life.”

It is the first general body meeting organized in Bhopal. The local organizer Fr. Maria Francis was appreciated by all for the smooth running of the programmes. The meeting was attended by eighty one priests from the State.

The meeting decided to organize a seminar on “Celibate Priesthood” in all dioceses in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.  The meeting also identified resource persons from the state for the same.

Fr. Francis Scaria announced that CDPI will be re-launching its website with profiles of all catholic diocesan clergy in the country. He said work on it has been going on for some time. This will also help pool in the talents among the diocesan clergy. 

– fr. anand muttungal

Nun urges new domestic worker law

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Nun urges new domestic worker lawMadhya Pradesh, January 10, 2012: A Catholic nun is urging the federal government to enact a new law which would protect domestic workers and guarantee them basic employment rights.

“Domestic workers are the most vulnerable to sexual harassment and there is no legal protection,” said Sister Rosily Panjikaren at a rally yesterday in Indore, in Madhya Pradesh.

More than 600 people had joined the rally to mark India’s International Domestic Workers Day.

Sr. Panjikaren, a member of the Servants of the Holy Spirit congregation and director of the Indore Domestic Workers’ Solidarity, also urged the government to set a minimum daily wage for these workers.

Church groups and other affiliates of the National Domestic Workers’ Movement organized similar events in other parts of the country.

Sr. Panjikaren said it is wrong for people to look upon domestic workers as mere servants and deny them legal rights and health schemes.

Women domestic workers are mostly illiterate and poor and cannot negotiate better wages and for other basic employment rights, the nun explained.

She called for the establishment of an independent registered union to speak out against the “injustices meted out to domestic workers on a regular basis.”

Indore’s assistant labor commissioner, R G Pandey, agreed to assist the nun in her efforts.

Nirmala Deore, a domestic worker, said she and many others work long hours for little pay and get no holidays.

“We want people to stop calling us servants and respect us as employees,” she said.

– ucan

Book on Church Public Relations Released

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Book On Church Public Relations Authored By Fr. Anand Muttungal

Fr. Anand Muttungal

Madhya Pradesh, October 19, 2011: Probably the first Indian Book on Church Public Relations authored by Fr. Anand Muttungal was released at a function organized at Pastoral Centre in Bhopal. The book was released by Madhya Pradesh Regional Catholic Bishops Council Chairman, Archbishop Dr. Leo Cornelio and National President of Conference of Diocesan Priests of India, Fr. Dr. Francis Scaria. 

Speaking on the occasion Archbishop Dr. Leo Cornelio praising the efforts of the author said, “This book is milestone in the special ministry of Public Relations in the Catholic Church. It has dealt with many aspects Public Relations in relation to Catholic Church and its ministries.” Fr. Dr. Francis Scaria said, “ It is a very creative attempt to conscientize and educate people on how to spread the Gospel through public relations in an increasingly communally polarized world.”

The book is said to be the first book on Church Public Relations written by a Church personal in the Country. It is around two hundred and sixty pages.  It provides techniques to become a good public communicator, writing complaints officials, dealing with people in solving problems, functioning of the Indian administrative system, different issues related to media and how to deal with them and the troubles to Church and its personal, how priests, nuns and Bishops can use public relations to spread the message of Christ. It also deals with public relations in relation to various institutions and services offered by the Church.  The book is published by the Media Publishing House, New Delhi. It provides techniques to deal with various problems related to religious organizations, social, political, administrative, legal matters, legally challenging the media etc. It is of 265 pages and the cost is 240/

The author of the book Fr. Anand Muttungal said, “ the book has dealt with various aspects of the Public Relations from the point of Missiology. Church P R is the systematic way of relationship building for the sake of mission. And every section of the missionaries has something worth reading in the book. I wish that all those involved in the mission read and take advantage of the book.” There are other books by the same author, such as 
“Application of the Special Constitutional Provisions on Minority Schools” written by Fr. Anand Muttungal : This book is both in English and Hindi. It provides Special Constitutional Rights for Minorities in India and different Court judgments and its applications for the Minority run educational institutions. This book can be used to create awareness among the parents-teachers, officials, leaders and activists. In Madhya Pradesh we are offering it to all above mentioned persons as gifts.  It is a hand book containing 50 pages. The cost is Rs. 50/- only.

“Is Conversion A Grace From God Or A Punishment By Law” written by Fr. Anand Muttungal: It provides all the Anti-conversion Laws existing in the Country and its applications and implications in the missions. Various judgments of Courts and opinions of  Judges and experts too are added. It also suggests ways to carry out Conversions as per the Indian Law. It can be used by all those involved in the missions. The book is of 152 pages costing Rs. 130/-

For copies contact:

Mr. A Francis                                                                                         
In-charge of Publications,
VK Institute for Human Research and Development
Seva Sadan, Tulsi Nagar , Bhopal 462003, M.P
09201515517, serveindiamp@yahoo.com