AP: Kakinada pastor’s family brutally attacked by radicals *Nagaland: 10,000 delegates to attend Baptist jubilee

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Andhra Pradesh, April 04, 12: A group of RSS activists have attacked Madhu son of Pastro Ratnababu in Kakinada in the District of East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh on 8th April at about 3.30am.The intruders knocked at the pastor’s home and requested to meet pastor urgently and the pastor’s son Madhu opened the door. The perpetrators pounced on him and stuffed his mouth with cloth and tied his hand and legs. One of the radicals sprinkled chilly powder in his eyes to blind him. They have lacerated at his ankle and other body parts. Soon-after they advanced towards pastor Ratnababu with petrol can to set fire. Attempt was also made to assault Pastor’s wife.

They beat up the pastor, his wife. Hearing the loud cries of Pastor’s wife the neighbors and believers the radicals fled from the scene. Madhu is admitted in Apollo hospital Kakinada. Madhu and others have identified the criminals and named them in their complaint registered at the Hospital but the police have registered case against unknown persons.

Pastor Ratnababu, has been serving the Lord for the last 15 years .He has been serving as the pastor of The Christu Asinadu Prarthana Mandir(church) during the last 15 years.

In October 2011, an idol of hindu god was installed near the temple with the tacit support of the lower level police and revenue officials. Three attempts were to burn down the church and also threatened to kill the pastor if he didn’t stop complying about the illegal acts of radicals.

The plot rightfully belonged to the pastor and the church. But, the disgruntled RSS workers have manipulated police and managed to get the pastor arrested two times in the last six months. The saddest part is that in spite of all that has happened to the pastor and his family, the police simply refused to accept any complaints against the perpetrators of the crime from the aggrieved party. Advocate Sudhakaran has come forward to move the Andhra Pradesh high court against the blatant violation of religious rights and personal safety of the pastor and his family. The 500 plus believers in his church are also traumatized by the callousness of the officials. Please pray for the Christians in Andhra Pradesh.

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Nagaland: 10,000 delegates to attend Baptist jubilee


Nagaland, April 11, 2012: Delegates would also come from the USA, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

About 10,000 delegates are expected to attend the platinum jubilee celebrations of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) next week.

The April 19-22 convention would be held at the NBCC convention centre under the theme “one new humanity in Christ” in Kohima.

Delegates would also include those from the USA, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Cultural troupes from Thailand are also expected to take part in the event.

State Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio will inaugurate the NBCC Convention Centre, constructed for the platinum jubilee celebrations, on April 19.

The centre can accommodate up to 7000 people.

The speakers for the occasion include Peter Sulack, Reid Trulson, W Charles Smith and Anne Graham Lotz.

The program includes children’s rally, film festival and concerts.

Last month, Rio had convened a co-ordination meeting with top officials and NBCC representatives in his office chamber to discuss preparations for the event.

The CM stressed on the participation of different departments and entrusted the Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industries and the tourism department to coordinate and organise night bazaar to facilitate flow of visitors during the celebration.

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‘Church can bring unity among Nagas’

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NagaNagaland, January 10, 2012: Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said that the church is the only platform which can bring unity among the Naga people.

“We might be from different denominations but we all worship one God,” the chief minister said while speaking at the golden jubilee celebration of the Nagaland Christian Revival Church on January 9.

He called upon Christians to come together and develop a spirit of oneness and unite as a family regardless of denominations.

“They must work together for unity and peaceful co-existence,” he said.

The chief minister urged all to join hands and continue to focus on the welfare and uplift of the Naga society.

Before the advent of Christianity in Nagaland, Rio said, the Nagas were a minority, had no formal education and lacked leadership. But the arrival of Christianity brought about drastic changes in their lives.

He said the literacy rate of the state now has reached upto 81 percent after the arrival of Christianity.

“This is a good development,” he said.

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