Mumbai: Our Lady of Valankanni Statue Vandalised.

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Our Lady of Valankanni Statue Vandalised

Mumbai, February 16, 2013: The CSF and community groups have condemned the vandalisation of a statue of Our Our Lady of Valankanni at Nikamwadi in Dadar West, Mumbai. It seems to be an attempt to disturb the communal peace in the area and Catholics have therefore urged to maintain restraint. It is indeed surprising that the police have assumed that it was a case of attempt to rob and as a result, the statute fell down, as mentioned in the police report. One can expect more provocation of such kind in the run-up to the elections due next year. There seems to be a pattern to the madness, which could be to polarize the voters on majority-minority lines, making Christians the soft target.

According to the groups (MCYF, AOCC, CPF, etc.), if the police do not bring to book the culprits, who desecrated the statue, it will be a signal to fundamentalist forces that they could target the community with impunity. Joseph Dias said that the CSF would approach the home minister to increase police protection and surveillance around religious places.

According to Joseph Dias, “ what is even more shocking is that the vandalization occurred near the Anusaya co-operative housing society, which reportedly has only two Catholic families residing there. The police have filed a case under sections 379, 511, 295 and 427 of the IPC for offenses relating to hurting religious sentiments. The CSF also put out a hotline for community members to alert the NGO for preventing and dealing with such communal emergencies. The statue was handed over to the Our Lady of Salvation (Portuguese) Church authorities and we would keep you informed of developments in the case.

– the csf

Social media campaigns for killed Catholic youths

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Boys on the facebookMaharashtra, November 4, 201: Social networking sites have become the most popular medium for the people to vent their anger against the killing of two Catholic youths by eve teasers in Mumbai.

Netizens across the nation have flooded Facebook and Twitter demanding justice for the “bravehearts” Keenan, 24 and Reuben, 28.

The duo, along with five others, including three girls, had gone to the bar to have dinner and watch a cricket match on a giant screen put up there on October 20.

After a while, they came out of the restaurant and were standing near a pan shop.

Three men started passing lewd comments about the women in the group.

Both of them were stabbed while resisting eve-teasing. Keenan died the same day in hospital and Reuben died on October 31 after struggling for life for 11 days.

Their friends have created a Facebook page by the name “Justice for Keenan and Reuben”.

Posts like “we want justice…we will fight till the end”, “Mumbai’s prayers are with you and your family” and “you guys were heroes” are flooding the net space.

The campaign seeking justice for the duo is drawing tremendous response from all across the nation. A Facebook page with thousands of fans is trying to build a pressure on the authorities to take severe action against the guilty.

– dailybhaskar

Two young girls rescued from a brothel in India

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James Varghese, founder of the Indian Rescue Mission

James Varghese, founder of the Indian Rescue Mission, with some of the girls who had been rescued earlier

Maharashtra, October 16, 2011: Two young girls who were trapped in a prostitution ring in a red light area in Pune, India, were rescued by a Christian organization, the Indian Rescue Mission, along with the social security cell of Pune police on Thursday, October 13, 2011.
Acting on a tip by from Indian Rescue Mission about the presence two minor girls in a brothel, the local police, along with the activists of the Indian Rescue Mission, raided the brothel and rescued girls named Roopa (16) and Gowri (17).
In the operation, the manager of the brothel was arrested.
In the statement given by Gowri after the rescue operation, she said that she was brought to India with the “false promise” of a job and finally landed in a brothel in Pune. She was sold by the agent to a brothel owner and was kept there forcefully.
James Varghese, founder of the Indian Rescue Mission, said, “One of the rescued girls, Gowri, was trafficked from Bangladesh and she was made to attend customers by force and if she denied them then she would be beaten. She was kept in captivity for four months.”
He went on to say, “The other girl was also trafficked from a city in Maharashtra to Pune’s red light district. We received the information that they both had been forced into prostitution and hence we decided to rescue them.
“The police have sent them for a medical examination, after which they will be sent to a shelter home for rehabilitation and for self-employment training,” Varghese added.
The police are trying to ascertain the identity of the persons on who trafficked the girls.
The Indian Rescue Mission has so far rescued hundreds of girls from their terrible life and has set them free.

– jacob philip (assist news service)