ABVP against AMU branch anywhere

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ABVP against AMU branch anywhereBihar, September 27, 2012: Patna: The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) said Thursday that it was against the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) opening a branch anywhere in the country.

“ABVP is against an AMU branch anywhere in the country including Bihar,” its general secretary Umesh Dutt told the media here.

Dutt said ABVP had been opposing the Bihar government’s plans to set up an AMU branch in Kishanganj. The Bihar government has given 250 acres for the proposed AMU campus.

The three-day 58th national conference of ABVP will be held here Dec 26-28

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Muslim expatriates open resource center for IIT aspirants *Ajmer: Ecumenical Palm Sunday

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Bihar, April 03, 2012: Indian Muslim expatriates have opened a Learning Centre in Patna to help Muslim students preparing for entrance exams for IIT, Medical etc. The center will have rich resource materials, free computer and internet access. The centre has been set up with the joint efforts of Indian Muslim Educational Foundation of North America (IMEFNA) and Bihar Anjuman.

The center would help the students preparing for competitive exams like engineering (including IIT) and medical entrance exams, in their studies, by providing free computer and internet access apart from necessary books, guides and useful materials.

IMEFNA and Bihar Anjuman have also announced to provide scholarship to the students who clear their exams.

The centre will be sponsored by IMEFNA and jointly managed by Muslim Education and Social Welfare Trust, Patna, and Bihar Anjuman’s Patna chapter.

IMEFNA, a Chicago based NGO has been helping students with scholarships to pursue post 12th education, under their Upward-Bound program. They tied with Hyderabad based organizations to provide assistance to students of Andhra Pradesh also.

Bihar Anjuman (http://www.biharanjuman.org/) has been trying to transform non-meritorious poor students into meritorious ones, send them to diploma engg courses, and finance their studies until their employment. They have established 21 coaching centres so far in Bihar and Jharkhand.

The inauguration of the centre featured dignitaries from politics and community. The Chief Guest was Dr. Ranjan Prasad Yadav, Member of Parliament from Patna. Other guests included Mr. Shayam Rajak, Minister of Food and Civil Supply (Govt of Bihar), Retd. Major General Waseem Khairwi, Secretary IMESWT, Professor Shah Shamim Muaami, Sajjada Nasheen, Khanqah Munnamia, Patna City, Maulana Anisur Rahman Qasmi, Secretary, Imarat-e-Sharia, Bihar, Jharkand and Orrisa, and Chairman of Bihar State Hajj Committee.

Addressing the gathering, IMEFNA’s founder-chairman, Khurshid Mallick presented an introduction of IMEFNA’s objectives and threw some light on its activities focused on technical education of Muslim youth. He also described the purpose of this New Learning Centre. He declared that this centre would host a library that would cater to the need of a large number of the students of the area.

Enam Khan, the convenor of Bihar Anjuman’s Patna chapter presented the vision, mission and objectives of Bihar Anjuman and RHBAR, its NGO. He explained how the currently functional 19 RAHBAR Coaching centres are helping the government school students to transform from non-meritorious levels to become engineers. He congratulated IMEFNA for this excellent initiative to help the meritorious students who cannot afford the modern facilities and books. He thanked IMEFNA, The Aligarh Forum, Aligarh Alumni Association of Washington DC, Charity Way Foundation, and the members of Bihar Anjuman’s online Forums for helping Bihar Anjuman in its mission.

Pune based trainer, Saeed Ahmed Sayyed, who has conducted more than 400 personality development workshops in 70 cities across India, highlighted the importance of making Muslim youth competitive in the professional world including defence services. “Our youth must contribute to every sphere of economy and in every govt service. Guiding them to achieve these goals is a noble task indeed. He lamented that Muslim youth lack in personality traits, despite being intelligent and hard-working; personality plays the most important role in the competitive world, he said.

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Ajmer: Ecumenical Palm Sunday


Rajasthan, April 04, 2012: To recall how Jesus was welcomed To Jerusalem.

A unique procession of nine floats, the first of its kind, along a 4kms route passing the main thoroughfares of the city had the participation of all the denominational churches on April 1.

The novel idea was the brainchild of Fr. Cosmos Shekhawat, a local priest held in high esteem by the people. Fr. Shekhawat is presently the Principal of St. Paul’s School, Ajmer. He is also the President of the Inter-Faith Fellowship Group (Sarva Dharm Maitri Sangh).

More than 800 Christians- laypersons, nuns and priests participated in this procession with great devotion, singing hymns and praying all along the way. There were three vans with loud speakers to facilitate this.

What was really edifying was that though the Hindu brethren were celebrating Ramnavami, many of these well-wishers had voluntarily posted themselves along the route showering rose petals and distributing bottles and pouches of drinking water.

Before the procession started, Rev. W.F. Philip, Methodist pastor thanked the Christian community for coming out in large numbers. He said it was ironical that at Jesus’s time, the very same people who had welcomed Jesus with Hosannas and palm branches, laying down their garments for Jesus to walk on, later turned hostile and brazenly de-robed him. He exhorted the people to remain faithful to the Redeemer.

The Catholic Church had four floats representing their own parish as follows:

1. Immaculate Conception Cathedral : Jesus brought down from the cross and laid in the arms of Mary

2. Rosary Church: Jesus sentenced to death and brought before Pilate

3. Our Lady of Dolours Church, Bhatta : Jesus carrying the cross

4. St. Joseph’s Church: The resurrection.

The other churches that participated were:

1. Central Methodist Church: Jesus washing the feet of the apostles

2. St. Luke’s Methodist Church: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

3. Mount Carmel Church (Church of North India): The Crucifixion

4. Robson Memorial and St. Mary’s Church (Church of North India): The Last Supper

5. St. John’s (Anglican Church): Sermon on the Mount.

At the conclusion, Catholic priest Father Clement Cutinho, spoke on the significance of Palm Sunday and traced the origin of the celebration.

The district administration was co-operative, especially the Road Traffic Police. The procession started at 3.30 p.m. and lasted for three hours.

Milk shake and soft drinks were distributed to all participants to beat the scorching heat at the end.

– sr. mariolla, cri

WB: Mamta announces sops for Muslims, honorarium for Imams *Bihar: Zakir Naik holds Peace Convention amidst protests

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West Bengal, April 03, 2012: Raising the pitch for next year’s panchayat elections in West Bengal, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday announced pro-minority sops including a monthly honorarium for Imams.

“The government wants to give a monthly honorarium of Rs. 2,500 to Imams of the state which will be paid through the state Wakf Board.

“For the purpose a special task force comprising government officials and Imams from the city and districts will be constituted which will make the necessary recommendations for the implementation of the scheme,” Banerjee said here during a meet with the religious leaders.

Banerjee also said “homeless, landless Imams” will now be given the benefits under her pet project “Nijo Bhumi Nijo Griha (Own Land, Own House)”.

“There are more than 30,000 Imams in Bengal and a large percentage of them do not have a house or land. If they want and if their religious laws permit, then they can avail the benefits under the Nijo Bhumi Nijo Griha’ scheme and get 3 cottahs of land to build house. The government will also provide for the construction expenditure,” she added.

She reiterated her government stand of providing reservation to the Muslims.

Referring to the 10 percent quota that the previous Left Front government had announced for Other Backward Classes in the community, she said: “The survey has been ordered as the reservation will have to be made legal. What the previous government did in this matter has no legal basis.”

Stating that government was giving affiliation to 10,000 madrasas in the state, she said: “Although the state government cannot provide financial grants to these madrasas, affiliating them would enable them to get grants under various central schemes.”

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Bihar: Zakir Naik holds Peace Convention amidst protests


Bihar, April 03, 2012: Amid protests by different Muslim sects in Kishanganj, eminent Islamic scholar and televangelist Dr. Zakir Naik finished his 3-day Peace Convention with great success and positive notes. Dr. Zakir Naik who is spreading the message of Islam and true Hadith through his peace conventions for past two decades was highly excited over the response of people gathered in Kishanganj. In fact, in three days of convention (March 30 – April 1, 2012) about 8 lakh people from different parts of Seemanchal visited the venue to listen to Dr. Naik.

Without caring about the objection of self-proclaimed Mullahs, lakhs of people thronged at Kishanganj to clarify their doubts about Islam and knowing the religion of ‘Peace and Brotherhood’ from Dr. Zakir Naik, an accomplished student of comparative religion. All the trains originating from Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand and other parts of Bihar were full of people traveling to Kishanganj. The hotels and motels of Kishanganj have never witnessed full booking. Similarly, the owner of shops and restaurants in Kishanganj were highly happy of earning the high revenue in their life.

The very first day there was a crowd of about 2.5 to 3 lakh. Dr. Zakir Naik explained the reason of reading the Holy Quran by understanding it properly. After his lecture as usual he started the Question & Answer session. The non Muslims were given preference to ask the questions. Zakir Naik satisfied them with his logical answers.

On the second day of Convention, Dr. Zakir Naik after his brief session asked the audience to participate in Question and Answer session. The common questions asked were: 1) Why do you always claim Islam as the best religion? 2) Is eating beaf unethical? 3. Shall we respect our parents much more than anyone else? 4. What is Jihad? 5. Is Terrorism allowed in Islam? The entire session of 4 hours for three days spent in no time. And the people who have attended the convention said that they had never felt the session boring. In fact, they were ready to spend the whole night at the venue.

Dr. Zakir Naik presents the true religion of Islam in best way by quoting the verses from the Glorious Quran. He also put references from the Hadith before the people. Being a student of Comparative religions, Zakir Naik also has knowledge of other religious scriptures like Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bible, etc. His personality and way of talking with people is also influential, and encourages people of other religions to accept Islam. During Kishanganj Peace Convention about 25 non Muslims including ladies accepted the religion of Islam without any type of pressure before the lakhs of people.

On the whole, Dr. Zakir Naik’s peace convention at Kishanganj has provided a new and positive identity among people of other religions. Many non Muslims present during the convention praised Zakir Naik for preaching the true Islam and clarifying their doubts. The followers of Islam attended the convention have also returned back to their home by carrying the real picture of their pious religion in their mind. Last but not least, the credit of Dr. Zakir Naik Peace Convention goes to Matiur Rahman, the Chairperson of Tauheed Educational Trust and his dedicated team. The 1800 volunteers who had worked day and night to make the convention successful also deserve plaudits.

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Gujarat Riots 2002: Indian-American Muslims mourn victims, demand justice *Bihar Budget: Minority Welfare Dept. to get Rs 125 Cr

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New-Age-Islam-antiUS-rallyUSA, February 25, 2012: On the eve of the tenth anniversary of the horrible genocide of Muslims in Gujarat in February 2002, the Association of Indian Muslims of America, Washington DC, an NGO of Indian-American Muslims has lamented the prolonged delay in the Indian government’s action against the perpetrators of that horrible crime.

“In these ten years the mainstream media, a large number of NGOs and the Supreme Court in India have often stated that plenty of testimonies including eye-witness accounts from a variety of citizens in Gujarat support the often stated fact that the then government of the state of Gujarat and chief minister Narendra Modi were responsible for that murderous mayhem. Yet for ten long years the Indian government has refused to institute either an official government enquiry or legal proceedings against the known culprits,” the AIMA said in a statement.

Gujarat is a state from where many illustrious advocates of justice and non-violence including Mahatma Gandhi have risen and have preached the message of peace. Yet in the same state the mass crime occurred in which over two thousand innocent Muslims were killed and the houses of about 100,000 Muslims were destroyed, rendering them homeless.

The genocide against Muslims of Gujarat is a dirty stain on the face of secular and democratic India. “Today we Indian Muslims who live in North America mourn the hapless victims of that gory violence and once again appeal to the President and Prime Minister of India to institute legal action against the criminals and bring them to justice,” said AIMA.

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Bihar Budget: Minority Welfare Dept. to get Rs 125 Cr


BJP leader and Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Sushil Kumar ModiBihar, February 25, 2012: The Rs 78,686 Crore Bihar budget for the year 2012-2013, with a state plan size of Rs 28,000 Crore will have an allocation of Rs 125 Crore for the Minority Welfare Department. BJP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi, who holds the portfolio of finance, presented the 8th budget in a row in the state assembly on Friday.

The JDU-BJP government led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on 24th Feb. announced to give 25 acre land to Maulana Mazharul Haque University. The construction work will start from the next financial year, the government promised in the budget speech.

The Minority Welfare Department will get Rs 125 Cr. The amount will not cover graveyard fencing, Hunar, Taleemi Markaz schemes as they are funded by other departments.

According to the budget, the chief minister minority employment loan scheme, which came into effect in 2011-12, will get Rs 15 Cr. In the last financial year, it was allocated Rs 11 Cr. The hike will also go to minority education loan scheme, which was also started in 2011-12. Last it year it had Rs 4 Cr but in 2012-13 it will get Rs 1 Cr more, i.e. Rs 5 Cr.

However, the government has cut the fund for much-touted minority hostel modernization scheme. The one year old scheme will get only Rs 1.7 Cr while it was allocated Rs 2 Cr last year. Under the scheme, minority hostels in all districts will have generator set, TV, Refrigerator and other facilities.

The Rs 7000 Cr-surplus budget will give thrust on agriculture. After the new budget comes in place, cars, motorcycles, flats, bricks will be dearer. Moreover, cigarette and tobacco products will have tax hike between 13.5% to 20%.

Some other features of the budget are:

Rs 9508 Cr for agricultural roadmap.
Rs 2234 Cr for 21-km road along the Ganga (from Didarganj to Digha) in Patna
25000 flats in Patna, Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur.

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Model of India’s biggest mosque unveiled *Muslims help build temple in Bihar

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Jama Masjid DelhiKerala, January 30, 2012: The model of what is billed as India’s biggest mosque — accommodating 25,000 in its courtyard — was unveiled here Monday.

The mosque is to come up in a 40 acres near here and the complex will also house a heritage museum, convention halls, and a media centre, according to the Jamia Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya headed by Muslim scholar Kanthapuram A.P. Aboobaker Musliyar, who unveiled the model here.

“The heritage museum is for the protection and exhibition of all such holy remnants of prophets and men of Islamic importance, and this will surely add a new dimension to the cultural life of Kerala,” said Musliyar.

Speaking to IANS, an official of the Markaz said that the work on the mosque is expected to begin in April and would be completed in 18 months time.

“The cost of the project is estimated to be Rs.40 crore and will come through public contributions. The feature of the mosque is that initially it would be an open one and would more or less resemble the famed Jama Masjid in Delhi,” said the official who did not wish to be identified.

Musliyar heads the popular social, charity and educational organisation based here, which has taught more than 30,000 students from various states in the country in the last three decades.

Three years back, the Markaz was in the news when more than 100 children from Kashmir were brought here for basic education.

Delhi’s Jama Masjid is currently India’s biggest mosque.

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Muslims help build temple in Bihar


Muslims help build temple in BiharBihar, February 6, 2012: A shining example of communal harmony.

In a heart-warming gesture, Muslims donated money and supervised the construction of a temple in the communally-sensitive Gaya district of Bihar. The temple dedicated to goddess Durga was opened for worship last week. “There was active help from Muslims, all of whom are railway employees, to construct the temple. It is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity…”said Ashok Kumar, a resident of Loco colony in the district, where the temple is situated. Suresh Prasad, another resident, said “Muslims have not only donated money for the temple’s construction but were also involved in it like us.”

Tauhid Alam, one of the Muslims who helped in the building of the temple, said, “we have been living here for years and taking care of each other. It is a gesture of communal harmony.” He said the foundation of the temple was laid in 2010 and after that Muslims and Hindus of the locality worked together to construct it. “We joined Hindus to collect donation for the temple construction and also supervised construction work,” said Mohammad Rafiq, another Muslim resident.

The minority community collected nearly 500,000 rupees towards the temple’s construction. Mohammad Sahab said some of the community members helped by way of funds while others helped in the construction work. Muslims constitute 16 per cent of the 105 million population of the state with over a dozen Muslim localities in the district. Lalji Prassad, a social activist in the district, said this move by the Muslims in the construction of the shrine would send a strong message of harmony and peace. Earlier, Mohammad Fakhrool Islam, a Muslim, had donated his land in Bachwara village for constructing a temple in Begusarai district. Over three decades ago, some Hindus had donated a piece of land for the construction of a ‘mazar’ in the same village.

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